The best thing about coexisting with each other is that we can all learn from one another without limitations.

Like later on today SOON. lol Here is an introduction of my upcoming….. experiences I’ve had in my life. AT LEAST 3 times a day I ask myself, “Is this real life right now?” Have you ever gone through something so crazy, so unbelievable that you ask yourself that? Im constantly thinking about if I’m living a dream or not. I dont mean THE DREAM I mean, A DREAM! Some are nightmares, oh wait, that’s just real life. I’ve gone through a series of unfortunate events when I wonder if this is my karma for something I’ve done in a past life. Whatever the reason im going through what im going through and HAVE gone thru, I hope and pray to do better for my next life and the rest of this one. If you don’t understand that, dont worry, follow me, tap in, come learn something dope and unbelievable. These scenarios and stories are all true and happened to ME. Please keep in mind that these are absolutely NOT in order. Some of them aren’t even in the same year. I feel like I’ve lived more than one life. I’ve had to. I’ve had literal dreams of being a dancer. Never thought it would come true but here I was, my very first job ever, I was a hip hop dance instructor. A few years after that I was working with dancers and choreographers from ALL of your favorite dance shows, it’s been absolutely UNREAL. So many adventures, so many stories, and an infinite amount of lessons learned. Back in 2017 I joined the ARMY days before my 25th or 26th birthday. I swear I thought it was a good idea at the time. lol You see how those 2 experiences have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other. This is gonna be fun, I hope you all enjoy.

Hello whoever you are reading from wherever you are. Im tappin into this bloggin thing and I hope I do a good job at it. I suppose I’ll let the readers be the judge of that. In this series of short stories and scenarios I will tell you about some experiences I’ve had in my life where I had to stop and really think about life and if I was making the RIGHT decisions or not. I suppose a beautiful thing about life is there’s really no right or wrong way to live it honestly. We’re all on our own individual journeys of life, fighting our own battles. There’s no instructions on how to really fight this war but somehow we keep going. In this series I’d like to get the opinion of the reader. Please read each individual story, and make YOUR suggestion on “WHAT WOULD YOU DO” in that specific situation. This is a learning environment and blog for everyone to have the opportunity to obtain some new knowledge and get a nice point of view from others who you have so much in common with, but dont know it yet. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to live YOUR life and make YOUR own decisions. What someone else thinks or does should not effect/affect what you do with your time you were granted.



  1. Looking forward to your new blog


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