My names Melissa Flores!

Hello! My names Melissa Flores. I’m 21 young as of 4 days ago. It’s November the 24th. I’m here because I was one picked out tons of other people also picked, to share some of my sparkiness and some inspiration.

One thing I need and want to bring to the world, is inspiration. I want to inspire people, kids, old people, animals, the world. I want to inspire god. I want to inspire my ancestors, and my own child, and future children. I want to be someone who’s remembered as someone that created an impact in someone’s life in a positive way. If I can’t or refuse to do that, I’ve failed my mission in some way.

But I try to not hold grudges against myself for feeling like I failed or have failed or will fail. The biggest thing humans and ourselves and the world needs nowadays, is grace. I’m not talking about the people who’ve chosen to go the other route of the devil, and nothing I believe in is rooted in Christianity or any set religion. I’m talking about normal people like me, and you, who make simple everyday mistakes. Being human living the inevitable perceived, human experience that we experience. A lot of words but it makes sense when you keep rereading it.

Sometimes we forget that we can tend fo not forgive ourselves or others, for hours, days, weeks, even years.. at a time. Solely because our Heart and Body still remain in the past moment where we felt feelings of hurt, betrayal, mistrust, the deceiving of our own perception of what a person should’ve done or been or acted like, and we misunderstand our own misunderstanding to be able to say, I forgive you. That isn’t your fault, and you’re never wrong for how you feel. But sometimes we forget that we need to give ourselves grace, to be able to understand how we may lend that to others who have hurt us.
we forget we are the living key in our own demise of our own reality. That we can change the perception of our life with a simple train of thought that takes a re route in our mind.
Life is much too short to forget the beauty in how the change of our own inner language, can impact our life and another humans life, for life. And we can create that ripple effect in the people around us, by creating the wave within ourselves.

How we choose to connect to the world. To people, is our secret power. We all have our own unique imbedded part of us that is naturally there, perfect, totally receptive to the world. With something divine and GREAT to bring to the people around you. Something that can completely, utterly change, somebodies life. How we choose to create that impact with our innate secret power, is where we find the lens to life where everything, everything is picture perfect clear. I don’t mean where you’re a psychic and your crystal ball is totally right and you’re absolutely so perfect. I mean where good steps into the light, and you can finally naturally see, feel, and hear, and even sense, the natural divinity of your presence, and how much food you really bring to peoples lives, and that everything else that’s not good, is noise to listen and learn from. Nothing to define you, or add bad tastes in your mouth. Something that you can rather dissolve in your mouth and take as a new lesson to be more insightful on future occasions. A simple ripple effect in your own life, that continues to grow until, you don’t care what people think, nor do you care to hold grudges against people. You realize our actions, are never ever far from us. But that we have the control, the choice, to be the ripple effect in society. Whether we choose to or not, you are always creating ripples. Some people are just more sensitive to it than others, and when we choose to be the wave, we can reach everybody, and positively change the world. Change our ancestors outcome, our descendants future. Our own lives. It’s simply crazy, how one small decision, can completely, and utterly, change the outcome of your life.

‘Till next time, my friends.



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