Is This Real Life?

I’m sorry girl. I can’t save you from drowning because I am too. How can I help you if I can’t help myself? 🗣

I’m sorry friend, I can’t help you fight your battle. I’m in a battle of my own and I’m currently getting my ass kicked. Sorry I can’t save you 😔You make life harder for yourself hating on me when you use to love me. 💯

But keep that same energy when im gone! Don’t you forget;

YOU GOTTA COME AND SEE ME!I’m not a bad person, I just be having some fucked up interactions with some folks.
Billions of people in the world so of course it’s bound to happen every now and again. I just wish people weren’t so quick to judge what they don’t understand. 🗣💯Hate is the 2nd emotion closest to love.

You are a shot of tequila most people can’t handle, never water yourself down because they’re not ready🙌💯

If they not giving you orgasms, or money, don’t worry about others negative opinions 🤷‍♂️

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