Meet Kyah Brown, the founder of a popular fashion brand Kyah Halitta who shares inspiration and the story behind her brand and life.

  1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

My name is Kyah Brown, and I am the Owner of Kyah Halitta (pronounced k-eye-ah ha-lee-ta). I am passionate and have a deep appreciation for the planet, I am constantly putting thought into how I can make a difference with my designs and create more sustainable fashion than what I have already created. The brand stands by the philosophy of optimism, excitement, and women empowerment. It is a brand that is dedicated to uplifting the feminine power and finding fun and sustainable ways to wear clothing. Kyah Halitta is essentially for those with an individualistic spirit who dare to be different and lively. Kyah Halitta garments are created with elemental attention to detail, inspiring a strong essence of individuality upon those who wear them.

  1. What was your inspiration behind creating your brand Kyah Halitta?

Kyah Halitta originally started with handmade macrame designs. These styles were naturally dyed with flora and fauna and hand knotted to form bodices, dresses and skirts. Through the study of my Bachelor of Fashion Design at the Fashion Design Studio in Ultimo, Sydney, I found my love of print and colour; which prior was not as prominent. Combining the natural processes with vibrant colour and print, I soon realized there was a gap in the market for bright, printed, sustainable clothing, as many of the sustainable brands at the time were minimal, loose and floaty, and not printed.

  1. What were some of the best moments you’ve had so far being a fashion designer of your own brand?

Being able to select one moment is difficult because every day the brand is progressing; but my first anything would have to take the cake. My first runway, my first magazine cover, my first photoshoot, my first round of stock arriving, my first sale. Nothing can change that excitement from the first time you see it coming to life.

  1. What is a message you’d like to share with people around the world who are looking to find success in creating their own fashion brand?

I highly recommend studying Fashion Design, there was so much learned in my degree that has propelled me into the fashion industry. I also recommend internships, working in other businesses seeing what works, or what doesn’t work. These are great life lessons and will help you implement strong processes into your own brand. It is also important to believe in yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to, and the only person stopping you from achieving your goals is you. There are resources all around, ask questions, make connects and be honest and truthful. People want to help you if you are kind, courteous and respectful. I made so many real connections along the way with people that I call good friends; respect them and nurture them, they will support you on this incredible journey.

  1. What was the most challenging time you’ve had being in the fashion business, and how did you overcome it?

The Covid-19 pandemic was tough. Starting a brand in this time was not easy, unable to do wholesale because boutiques weren’t moving stock as everyone was at home. The brand took the time to build strong foundations so that once lock-downs were lifted, we could thrive.

  1. What was your childhood like growing up and did it affect you in a way where it made you to become the person you are today?

As I child I was always using my hands, painting, drawing, drumming, I was a very creative kid. I have a love of music and through my teens travelled internationally on tours performing in China, Hong Kong, all around Europe and America, along with performing at key venues in Australia such as the Sydney Opera House. Music taught me that so many key lessons that has made me the dedicated business owner I am today. Lessons like, resilience; when you get it wrong, keep going because you will get it right, to never say the word “can’t” because you can, and will, and that practice makes progress.

  1. What are a few ways you’d like to make an impact in our society today?

The brands’ ethos is, do something your future self would thank you for, and this can be interpreted in a few ways. It can be regarding sustainability, which the brand is emphasizing, perhaps recycling, or growing your own vegetables to make a positive change to the environment. It can be about yourself, perhaps giving more self-love, talking to yourself positively, believing in yourself, setting goals and working towards them. It can be to others, nurturing relationships, being kind, honest, helping others when they need it. If everyone takes a small step to take something positive every day, the impact would be huge.

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