Jeremy Manning (American Businessman)

Jeremy Keith Manning (born July 19, 1997) is an American Businessman and founder of the media conglomerate TNWTL MEDIA, which began as TNWTL MOVEMENT while finishing high school.

Jeremy Manning

Jeremy Manning in 2022
BornJeremy Keith Manning
July 19, 1997 (age 25)
Dallas, Texas
EducationEastfield College (dropped out)
Occupation Internet Entrepreneur
Years Active2015 – Present
TitleFounder of TNWTL MEDIA

Early Life

Jeremy Keith Manning was born in Dallas, Texas on July 19, 1997 he is the youngest son of 5 siblings and has a younger half brother, he attended high school at Allen High School in Allen, Texas before moving out of the state to Oklahoma, then back to Texas where he graduated from Mesquite Academy in Mesquite, Texas.

Journalism & Media

Early Years

Jeremy began his career interviewing people in 2015 with his friends and upcoming musician artists in the music world to get his foot in the door as a worldwide interviewer, interviews were anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours long, and he would conversate about their life and careers, he would then go on to build (which is now a search engine site) as his first interview website he would share stories on.

College Years

In Eastfield College, Jeremy went to school to start Graphic Designing but later came to realization that it was not meant for him as he became highly interested in knowing stories of people so according to his classmates he left college after the first semester ended in 2016 and never returned.


After Jeremy left college and built his site, he started to come up with the idea of bringing more people onboard like your average person to share their stories so in 2017 Jeremy started exploring more options of finding people to share their stories and started his journey on dating sites like Meet me, Tinder and more which then led him to start doing interviews on Instagram in 2018. From 2018 to 2020 Jeremy managed to get 40,000 written interviews for his first interview website which he quickly learned it was a test site since no one had shared their faces nor did he share any interviews with people, but after that came and gone into play he got into a relationship for 6 months which the breakup led Jeremy to start up TNWTL Search & People Globally his real interview company and in 2021 Jeremy drew in 100 million+ impressions the first year to his sites and brought over 1000 interviews for People Globally

Jeremy Manning in 2019

in 2022 with Jeremy adding new companies to his roster such as TNWTL Records, Search Go Live, People Globally, Jeremy decided to change his company name from TNWTL MOVEMENT to TNWTL Media as now all the companies are different entities under one umbrella.

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