Communication Is πŸ”‘

My biggest problem right now is that I live in a house with people who would rather talk shit about me behind my back instead of talk to me to my face. 😠 😑 Like who the fuck does that?
I’m walking on eggshells for the moment until this job comes thru financially. Just becauae people help you in your time of need, don’t necessarily mean they’re the greatest people.
It’s a daughter and a mother who can’t have a calm conversation about something important.
Everything you say to them they get all defensive, so what is a man to do? Most would say “shut up and deal with it until you get on your own feet” but in reality, these are suppose to be my “friends” what kinda friend am I if I see my people doing wrong and still let them? We’re suppose to be inspiring one another and lifting each other up to be better people, but how is that possible when they don’t listen when you talk? How is that possible when you try to SHOW them but they don’t wanna see? If they could sit down for just FIVE MINUTES without making it seem like someone is quite literally attacking them, life would be so much easier for them. Do you know someone like that?
If this year has taught me anything, it’s that, COMMUNICATION IS πŸ”‘

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