Kyle: I try to live my life by a strict personal code, and apply that code to everything I do.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

 I’m Kyle, 24 years old, born and raised in Eastern Ohio in a minimal town. When I was 18 I joined the Navy. Was in for 6 years, and then decided the time had come to get out, so I moved out to Montana for college and life, and I’m doing that now.

2. What inspired you to get into fitness?

Really I started fitness, like any other young guy in High School, by wanting to look good. But I started lifting about 2 years ago, and realized it helped with my mental health a lot. I used to have terrible nightmares about not being able to help others. And when I started lifting, that went away. After that, it was a no-brainer that it would become a focus point of my life and personal values. I do it now to get stronger and healthier for the people I care about, and to take care of them.

3. What are some goals in life you’d like to complete?

 A couple of my current goals are to graduate from college with enough knowledge to succeed moving forward. After that, I really want to work for the company Bare Performance Nutrition in a business/organizational role. I love working in teams and I love fitness, and figured why not combine the two and spread the positive message. And lastly, within a year, I would like to train for and compete in a powerlifting competition.

4. What is a life message you would like to share with people around the world who want to live a healthier lifestyle? 

A life message I would like to share is to never give up. I’ve been through some tough times, who hasn’t, but the one thing I learned is that if you pay attention, take the lessons life gives you, and keep pushing forward you will reach that vision of your future that’s in your mind. Just never give up.

5. How would you describe yourself as a person?

I would like to think that I am trustworthy and honorable. I try to live my life by a strict personal code, and apply that code to everything I do. I know at time I can be emotionally driven, but I’m working on that.

6. What are some mental struggles you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome them? 

For most of my life, until recently when I made fitness a focus of my life, I struggled with anxiety and depression hard. It caused me to be socially distant and very critical of myself in a very negative way. This eventually built up to suicidal thoughts, and that was a very dark and low point in my life. It wasn’t until I got myself healthy physically that my mental health followed, and while some level of anxiety remains around, I believe I’ve improved light years and know others can too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others. Being alone through that time makes it so much worse, and can be avoided with a little help from those around you.

7. What are some questions you would like to ask other people around the world?

I suppose I would ask others their motivations for what they do? Their passions and wants. I love to hear about people and what they care about, and believe each of us has a unique purpose in this world, and love to see what purpose everyone has found for themselves.

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