Vinicio Reina Luther: The possibilities for making the same art as I do are Limitless.

My name is Vinicio Reina Luther

I like photography. I was working in A Governmental Office as photographer for the President of Guatemala. Reunions, Meals, Ambassadors When They In A Meeting With Him.I also make paintings and woodcarvings. And also work with Kitchen Dishes. I have no special Photographer to follow. I do my own kind of Nature Photographs, I call them before nobody ever call them As QuantumPhotos. Quantum Photos is a kind of photos that expose a new feature in a photograph, Something that you never be able to see without the Symmetry. And Forming new shapes with imagination. Gives a new reality. A door that is like other dimension. It’s making with mirrors of the same photo, I had many of them. I did post them on #instagram, but this people steal my entry…or don’t let me go through access my own account, Even Facebook did so. Because I was posting online.for three accounts with the same post…are the same second Twitter was the only Network who stayed with me and I have more than 180K posts…most of the post are including the Beauty of Women. Models, Artist, Sport Girls…or any other Act who expose their Beautiful Looks. But I choose them …not all are my Kind The Photos that I do is Most Of Them with Trees or Greens The Photos that I do is Most Of Them with Trees or Greens, The possibilities for making the same Art As I do are Limitless. Anyone can have this inspiration and try to make a photoquantum as I do… Some say it’s so easy…but the main thing is to achieve the Result… Some photographs that make you think and see thing that you weren’t able to see in the normal Photo…the one you took at the beginning to make the Quantum Photographs The Struggles I have is Specially on the Social Media and the Social Network who don’t try to understand my new kind of way of the Photos I do Also they steal….and by disappearing my access to my accounts they stopped me from keep posting my new ways. And Finally… What I really want to is to be recognized as pioneer in this kind of photos that gives you an entry to fantasy land… New things and new figures.. And makes you imagine from something you see…and what’s the result… It is a New Art….makes things new…and you may use it to make your space in a wall…buildings, books…etc. That’s the Impact I want in the World…and in this world that hardly recognized the ones who made the first …because others just take the ideas, and then they get the success that the real invention owner did not.

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