Sativa: Women inspire me to keep going on every day.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

I go by Sativa! I got the name from a DJ at the first strip club I’ve ever worked at, Blush Long Island. Born & raised in Brooklyn, NYC with my huge ass family until later on in life when my mom & dad moved my older sister and I to small town nowhere Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. After high school, I attended college at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, where I ended up being Vice President of the Black Student Union and became heavily involved in the Activism of the Latino & AA communities. Eventually, I got extremely depressed and felt like an outsider, I decided to leave after 2 years, move back to New York, and start my careers in both photography and exotic dance to bring my spirit back to life! Im a 23-year-old Puerto Rican Sagittarius! I’ve been an exotic dancer for 5 years now and recently I am making my way out the club and starting my own business in Social media managing & marketing! You can also see me in music videos and here soon I will be releasing my own music.

2. What inspires you to do what you do everyday?

WOMEN. Women inspire me to keep going on every day. Specifically, the women in my family. My mom has 10 sisters… ALL of which are hardworking women who are victims to a system that has failed them repeatedly throughout our lives and our ancestors lives… My mom worked multiple jobs and always made a way out of no way. She graduated from with her college degree the year I graduated from high school. If I ever met a WOMAN… it’s my mom. True poise, never lets people see her falter, Strong and enduring. But she doesn’t always have to be strong. no women of color ALWAYS has to be strong… We’re human💖 She’s inspired me to strive for a life where my predecessors and I don’t have to live in a “fight or flight” mindset. We can cure our mind and bodies and live a stress-free, spiritually abundant life. Ridding of the generational curses that have been put onto my family. Because of that I live my life to not become rich in material things but to be rich in spirit & mind.

3. What are some goals in life you are wanting to complete?

Some goals that I have right now is to kick-start my business! I would LOVE to help other exotic dancers small business owners, and artists really feel confident in their brand and live the lifestyle that we all truly deserve. Im currently working on my own brand and would love to delve into the music world more, creating music with other inspiring artists and creating my own sound for people to resonate with. that will be coming VERY SOON! my longer term goals include helping the universe that we live on. Giving back to my community (Brooklyn), giving a voice to kids, families, & people that are NEVER heard in society. Let’s give them a voice! Let’s save the animals and build homes for the homeless and save women AND men from abuse. Let’s get the Earth back to its normal temp ya know 😂

4. What are some words of positivity that motivates you everyday? 

I don’t want to say anything cliché because this is where you resonate with the people who care enough to read about you 😂 The late rapper XXXTentacion has such a bad rep, we don’t gotta get into that but one thing he always said was “create & evolve” and that motivates me every day to not stay stagnant in my depression, my mistakes or my past but to overcome that but creating something new & GOOD to put into the world and evolve everyday into being the best person i can be. Be competitive with yourself. Also Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I love the quote because I grew up Christian but my grandmother was very Spiritual. Now that i’m older I realize the truth behind the scripture, but also that you don’t have to be religious for this to resonate. I want people to remember that WE ARE GODS. And we need to treat ourselves accordingly. We can do & be ALL things. Our only limitation is ourselves

5. What are your thoughts on women’s rights in this day and age?

My thoughts on women’s right….. Honestly people probably don’t want to hear this but I think the Roe v. Wade overturn and abortion rights etc. is all a big distraction for something else. Now let me say my stance before i continue. Im definitely pro-choice and am not comfortable with the new bans. I had an ectopic pregnancy back in February and had my left fallopian tube removed. I couldn’t imagine what circumstance id be in if that happened any later. Im so sorry for all women in this country who are struggling because of this new law. But also… have you noticed that there’s more and more changes being made? Roe v. Wade is a PRIVACY law. Which means this is ONLY the beginning and we are experiencing a lengthy era of all of our rights being stripped from us. Not just women. This needs to be said or quoted or whatever but the WAR ON WOMEN HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE BEGINNING OF TIMEEEE. Women are divine creatures. We are in sync with the moon, the universe, animals, etc.

It’s already proven that women are smarter than men, mature faster than men, shit we can do everything men do IN HIGH HEELS. Why do you think there has been the oppression of women for all this time???? We all need to realize how truly powerful and strong we are and put the pieces together as to why shit is folding the way it is. Also, it’s proven that white people are slowly but surely becoming extinct, and that’s another big contribution to the abortion ban. The US needs more white babies. Hispanics are being the dominating race in the country and we all know how our country views Hispanics/Latinos… White people WILL become extinct especially with the heating of the Earth… I could go all day about this.. but i’m just really passionate about people seeing THE BIGGER PICTURE. This is spiritual warfare, and we all need to be prepared for what’s going to come. Especially women and people of color.

6. What are some struggles you went through in life and how did you overcome it to be where you are now? 

When I was in high school I became heavily addicted to cocaine. I was addicted for maybe like 5/6 years and nobody knew. Not my family, none of my friends. This was a private silent battle with drugs. My ex-boyfriend introduced me to the drugs and then later on would become very abusive in the relationship. and again, nobody knew. I was being cheated on, disrespected and abused by this man all while struggling with addiction and depression. One day I finally had enough and I fought back with all of the strength I had left in me. I knew had to leave the situation i was in so i could become clean and healthy again. I beat him up and sent him to jail. I ran away and had NOBODY to go to. For all the girls who are having a hard time leaving, I hear you, I feel for you and I inner stand you… YOU CAN make it out of the situation. You’re NOT stuck. You’re also not stupid for staying… Now Im 3 years clean and in a healthy, happy relationship. We’ll all have our time.

7. What is one way you’d like to make an impact in the world?

I want to impact the world in as many ways as I can! Hopefully that came across in my different responses, hehe. The world is due for a big change and im only one person but im willing to put my full foot forward and make shit popping! I think I want my biggest impact to be changing the minds of young POC and women and make them realize their true potential. That’s literally all we have to do to get other people kick started and passionate about making their own lives and other lives better. It’s all a chain reaction, we all have to work together in unison 💖 Thank you so much for interviewing as these people including me. You definitely giving a voice to those who don’t have and I love that so much you’re awesome. Im so sorry I talk so much I’m such a passionate person 😅😂

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