Bditty: Surround yourself with motivation and positivity, & always remember there’s a hater in every crowd. 

1. Introduce yourself, tell about who you are and what you do? 

  • My name is Bayden Ditterline, but everyone call me ditty. Growing up I moved a lot & was split up from family. When I was 8 I settled in a small village located in Cobden IL where I finished up school an my teenage days, my whole life the dream was to always be in the MLB playing baseball. Music never crossed my mind until after I graduated from high school and began playing college ball. I’d bust a freestyle out back in the day for the one time on occasion, but after hearing multiple people say I have potential, I slowly turned being an artist into a priority. 

2. What inspired you to get into the music industry and what has your experience been like? 

  • A good friend of mine who goes by “Tilt” inspired me growing up as he was a star athlete and did music on the side. Once I started making music that touched other people an inspired others to do the same I chose to push music as a career. I’ve noticed in the industry it takes bread to make bread, nobody really your friend and it’s mainly about business & connections. I’ve traveled a lot due to music & have met true artist who have perfected their crafts. For example, my producer Grammy nominated Courtlin Jabrae has also shown me to never give up in this industry, you could blow up any day & the more you work, the more opportunities will come. 

3. Where did your rap name bditty come from what’s the backstory behind that? 

  • Everyone called my pops “Ditty” growin up, he would hustle weight back in the day behind closed doors I didn’t know about because I was just a kid. He was big in the streets, and showed me the hustle mentality. When I was split from my dad, In sports everyone started calling me “Bditty” took the first letter out of my name and added “Ditty” to it. It stuck with me everywhere I went I’d be called Ditty or Bditty, I chose to make the name viral by making it my name as an artist. 

4. You mentioned you lost your close brother recently what are you doing to keep his legacy alive? 

  • I met James “LilDale10k” my senior year of high school. I actually saw him in my ex-girlfriends dm’s if we’re being honest, so I did a lil snooping through his page. After my relationship I decided to distance myself from love & focus on the bigger picture, I saw James was musically fit so I reached out. Since day 1 me & Lildale clicked. We had a couple shows together, traveled for music together, and started being with each other every day expressing our visions and dreams we had for music to each other. We woke up one day tired, tired of the same ol day by day things we were doing. We decided to become roommates & move out of Illinois slowly turning our dreams into reality. We started a merch brand together, designed our own clothing etc  and started taking advantage of the talents we had as artist. Around this time, people started asking about Dale & Ditty. Anywhere ditty went dale was there & anywhere Lildale was Ditty was there, never left each other’s side & had a brotherly bond nobody could’ve ever got in the way of. After blowing in IL and then taking over parts of Indiana we wanted to reach out to a bigger city, we decided back in early 2021 that by September 2022 we would be moved down to the central Florida area where we would settle down & really push our talents. April 17th, 2022 I lost my brother “LilDale10k” due to a freak work accident which caused him to pass away. I saw my only best friend in the world die in front of my eyes, my every day lifestyle involved Lildale and I didn’t know how I was going to be able to accept the fact that he was gone & never coming back💔 Our late night writing sessions, talks about life, & late night smoke sessions I will forever cherish. He was a beautiful artist in the making & a beautiful soul to everyone who knew him, a vibe setter & always had a smile on his face even if he hadda fake it, he always made sure people had that hope that things would be okay. A day doesn’t go by I don’t think about my brother, depression gets the best of me a lot of the time but at the end of the day I know if James was here he’d look me in my eyes a say “Head up Bread up ditty, things will be okay.” I know he’s with me in spirit, but until it’s my time, everything I do from here on out I’m doing the 10k way for LilDale. I could’ve given it all up, stayed down & left music for real. For James, I’m going to make the dream we had together come true & make it a real life reality. His music will remain on all platforms, everything I do is dedicated to him and that will never change. I love you LilDale, & you are dearly missed by so many. LL10k🖤👼🏽

5. What are your music goals for the next 2-5 years? 

  • My music goals for the next 2-5 years would to be completely successful as an independent artist with no deal or label. All I want to do is make 10k proud, and do everything in life he wasn’t able to experience. I plan to get 10k’s dream feature from tootsie during this time also, I want our brand to be out there within the next years and have a fully functioning clothing brand in progress. 

6. What is a recent project you’d like to show to people in the world that we should listen to? 

  • I’ve got one project out on all platforms at the moment called “Better Demeanor” with hit songs “First Time” “When I make it feat. LikDale10k” “Don’t you” “We up now” & “Reasons feat. LilDale10k” all with over 350,000 views on Apple Music. I’m currently working on a new project now that should drop by the end of 2022. My YouTube “B.O.L” which me a 10k made back in 2018 that stands for “Bros Over Love” you’ll find music videos for hit songs “That’s my Brother” in honor of LilDale10k. “First Time” “Homesick” & “Young N***a Sh*t” by LilDale10k. Best platform to stay up to date with any info about me & music updates would be on my Instagram @ Bdloading_

7. What is a message you’d like to give to other artist who want to do music like you? 

  • Any advice I could give would keep your head up & yo bread up because you need both in the music industry. Giving up isn’t an option, you could literally blow up with the next song you drop if the last one didn’t do big things. Surround yourself with motivation and positivity, & always remember there’s a hater in every crowd. 

8. What are some other things you’d like to tell people in the world whether it’s about music, yourself or anything?

  • Outside of music, try being the best person you could be, because at the end of the day life is still short & you could be taken any day. Make an impact as an individual, enjoy the little things, & spread love. 

One response to “Bditty: Surround yourself with motivation and positivity, & always remember there’s a hater in every crowd. ”

  1. This is so inspiring. What a talented young artist. I’ve listened to all of his music❤️ Keep chasing your dream kid and keep God first. All will fall into place.


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