Martin Thomas Herrera: We don’t say it because we are focused on are appearance we forget about peoples feelings.

Introduce Yourself: Hi I’m this kid from a small town in Texas Martin Thomas Herrera fill free to call me whatever you like:)

Thoughts On People In The World?: There are different types and I’ve realized working with people some don’t want to talk about pain and are scared that people won’t think of them as normal and I do think that the categories’ society puts on the children today are going to be traumatically affected in the future for instance self-confidence and hope I think everyone is amazing I don’t think we we realize that, or we don’t say it because we are focused on are appearance we forget about peoples feelings. So we are all amazing and are capable to do good things and bad things that’s yours decision

What are your inspirations & goals?: What really motivated me and what still motivates me to do what I do I realized there was mental and physical abuse in the world and my account helped bring those people together and they can rely on eachother if they need someone’s to talk to and I’m always willing to talk to people. Another thing I saw through the community of people that helped me gain a large following was the depression they are going through hard times and when they are scared to talk to someone close they can talk to me and I can make arrangements and seek them help. My goal isn’t to be the best at what I do I just want to help end abuse depression because pain is pain and nobody should feel the pain of being hit or mentally sad I just work towards helping others and it’s like a chain reaction if I do it they realize there is more people like me that need help. I just want to see the community get better and work together and build eachother not mock them down.

How would you impact the world?: I’m not saying I impact the world but I will say I won’t try and change it for the better weather it’s stopping abuse to giving away to the people that are in need I have $1,000 to the people that were affected by hurricane Harvey in my home state so I’m not making a big impact I’ll say but I try to do something good because something is better then nothing at all.

Anything else you wanna say to people in the world? : There is always people who can relate they might not have the same exact story they might not understand something but the help isn’t out there. I might not change the world majorly but at least you’re putting in effort to help others.

Name : Martin Thomas Herrera

Instagram : @mth_56

Twitter : I don’t have one

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