GENOCIDE J:  My whole goal with music in general is to enlighten others to the point that the entire world will change.


Social Media Handle/Username: IG: @genocidej_17 Twitter:@ProphetSaiyan Spotify: Genocidej

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hello my name is Genocide J. I’m a music artist who creates relatable and beautiful masterpieces in order to enlighten others. The background of my artist name dates back to my freshman year in high school watching the anime daganronpa. There’s a character in the show named toko who has a personality change in which she becomes the well known serial killer Genocider Syo. Because of her being an infamous killer a lot of the students tend to accuse her for the killings in the show when in fact she kills no one. Her other names were GENOCIDE Jack and GENOCIDE Jill. Which I then came up with GENOCIDE J. A hobby I enjoy is playing fighting video games and anime.

What Inspires You Every day? : A lot of things inspire me but if I had to pick one overall it would be poetry in all forms. I just love the wordplay and the many ways that it’s used. It’s beautiful.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: NEVER.KNOWS.BEST. It’s from an anime I watched in the summer of 2018 called FLCL(fooly cooly). I won’t give out the true definition just yet but the hints are in all the music videos and the music lyrics themselves.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : My whole goal with music in general is to enlighten others to the point that the entire world will change. And once that has happened I can look over at the new world I created. A world without turmoil or chaos. Just peace. I thank you for this interview again because this further helps me reach my goal.

What are your thoughts on people who seek attention on social media, and what message would you like to give them? : I feel it’s not bad as long as you don’t agitate anyone for fame and that you never forget where you were. As long as they’re respectful and humble with where they are then it’s cool

How would you help people around the world who are going through mental health problems? : I would continue to do what I do know which is making music for them and keeping my dms open as a way for them to let anything out that they want to say. I’ll talk to them and give them the best advice I can. I love my small yet growing support. They mean a lot to me.

How would you describe a better world for us all? : A better world would be a world where there’s no more evil. I oftentimes say that as a hero I’m never against the villain. If I see a villain fall ill give him a hand and let him/her up. It’s just evil people in this world that need to go. Once all the evil is gone then so will the hatred. And the whole world will be a new one.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: I would like to say that I have a whole bunch of stuff coming out guys. I have some animated music videos coming out. Working on getting a music video out. I’m gonna do some more interviews. A LOT of music is being done guys. Be on the lookout by following me on soundcloud @GENOCIDE J. I love you all so much for reading this. Thank you all for your time. And with that I’m gonna go record some heat 




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