Sydney Marvin: My ultimate life goal is to just be successful, I can wake up and travel anywhere in the world just because I have enough money to do so!

Name: Sydney Marvin

Social Media Handle/Username:

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hi, im Sydney the face of Sweet Social, social media management. I currently reside in Cayuga, Ontario a tiny little town beside Toronto Motorsports Park. I started Sweet Social browsing the internet one day when I realized I could be getting paid for doing what I do for my personal account. I support small business on social media who are looking to turn their customers into followers and expand their Instagram account.

What Inspires You Every day? : My boyfriend, Matthew inspires me everyday. Without him continuously believing in me and pushing me to strive for the best that I can I don’t think I would be here today. he has endlessly and tirelessly done everything he can to support me and be there for me and for that I am forever grateful for him to be by my side everyday.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Everything happens for a reason. These words almost control my life. I Think literally everything in my life has happened for a reason and the reason may not be known right away but I truly believe I am where I am for a reason and that the universe has a path for me and will guide me in whatever way that may be.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : my ultimate life goal is to just be successful, I can wake up and travel anywhere in the world just because I have enough money to do so!

What are your thoughts on people who seek attention on social media, and what message would you like to give them? : I think people who are on social media to seek attention are definitely in the right place! social media is place where people go to brag about there lives, to show the world the side of them they wish everyone could see. Business do the same when selling products, they want to seek attention from it and get people to buy their products. Honestly if youre not on social media to seek attention, then why bother?

What are your thoughts about people’s behavior from experience, and how would you help them.? : I would inform them how they can go about this in a more respectful and conservative manor. Sweet Social is there to direct social media users how to use it to its full potential and allow them to get the most out of it.

What qualities, traits or lifestyle you live makes you different from others in the world? : I live a pretty normal boring life, I sit on my laptop and phone all day everyday haha. I’m really striving to be successful right now so I don’t have much to offer in this aspect other than work, work, work haha.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: I just want to raise awareness for my social media business Sweet Social. Im helping small businesses turn there followers into customers and I want to get the word out there that social media managers are here to help bring you the best for your business!

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