Abdullah Ali: don’t fall into the trap of society.

Name: Abdullah Ali

Social Media Handle/Username: AbdullahAliMusic

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m an 18 year old singer/song-writer with a massive infatuation for telling stories with a musical twist. For the longest time I’ve always been in a position where I hadeconflicting decisions to make which eventually led to having detrimental affects in my ‘time’ nowadays in life we have to decide what we want to do for the rest of our duration here on planet earth. When I decided to do music, I was faced with loads of skepticism and sour faces. Despite going through multiple hardships to make my dream turn into a reality, I’ll always prioritise my happiness and sophisticated goals over reputation.

What Inspires You Every day? : Music. As a child, I’ve been into the creative more performing arts side. although I do love criminology and psychology and i’m destined to study it on the side for as long as I can, I’ve always felt more self appreciated by singing, dancing and writing (lyrics, poetry, books). If you were to ask me 5 or 6 years ago why I wanted to pursue music as a career? My naive 12 year old self would say ‘for the money and fame’. Despite the luxurious life-style you’d get if you end up making it in such a competitive harsh industry, growing up psychologically I realised that nothing can make you happy unless you’re happy with what comes from within. what you surround yourself with and what you’re grateful for. always appreciate the small things in life. its vital for survival. don’t get me wrong, having all the money and prominence in the world is explosively exciting, but art is more meaningful and infectious, and with my music, I would love to heal people spiritually and emotionally.
The universe. Manifestation is insanely real. the energy you put out is the energy you’ll get back. Seeing signs and synchronicities gives me a moment to realise that whatever happens is meant to happen and if it is destined for my goals to come too fruition in my life, it will. It all comes from God to begin with.
God. I’m religious. I believe that God sends you lessons every now and then to grow and succeed in a different way which isn’t the same as others. we all have different lives and with social media it gets to a toxic point where we compare our rates of success to people younger or the same age as us. Patience Is key. And I believe that Allah will always give back to the ones who hold on and have Sabr (patience) Prayers and faith is what keeps me going. If it wasn’t for God, I’d be completely lost.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: ‘don’t fall into the trap of society.’

every now and then you are told what to do, where to go and how to live your life. (depending on circumstances). we all live ONE life. not nine. one. Out of everything you could possibly do in this world you choose to prioritise societal norms into your life-style? go out and do what you were always meant to do. you’re brought into this world for a reason. you’re meant to tell a fascinating story to inspire and help others. this could be through creatives or studies.

‘the present moment only lasts so long that it’ll be over the minute you dwell on the past and choose not to focus on the now.’

nowadays we are faced with the most toxic surrounding/s. this could be people, social media or YOU. remember what you do to others is a reflection of you. Further embarking on this point literarily, you need to be able to balance out how to control your emotions. through meditation and manifestation, you can change your life. others are too stuck tapping into their phones and obsessively checking out his/her/their insta post. Furthermore you can’t change the past and you can’t control the future, all you have right now is the present moment. the same way im writing this listening to Figurine (by me lol) is the way im choosing to spend my present moment. picture yourself in a scenario where you’re on top of a mountain overlooking LA with the sun setting. is your first instinct to take your phone and take a picture or is it to keep it in your pocket and relax for a bit, taking in the present air??nowadays everyone is so obsessed with getting that perfect shot, getting that perfect angle and view, but no one ever gets to think about getting that perfect moment. that serene moment that comes rarely. the sky morphing between the navy blue and blazing sun descending below as the night shifts onto us only comes in a million different forms. how the sunset looked yesterday with all the glowing colours won’t look the same tomorrow. its understandable if you take a picture to look back on it on the future, but you won’t get the same joy out of viewing a 1080p photo of the sunset in comparison to how it felt viewing it in real life.

‘the eyes have a lot of stories to tell, but so does the mind. align yourself and always be true to yourself.’

people tend to run away from their problems. especially conflicting ones that lead to various insecurities, this is where shadow work comes in. if you truly want to change you need to sit down and write your traumas out and try and be kind with it. not everyone views their traumas in a negative way. the same way people go around believing that they are their traumas. the way you define your peace with it (certain events) is how you’ll live with it. if you hide your trauma away and make yourself be infuriated, you’ll only be mad at yourself, but if you sit and realise that everyone goes through something in hopes to grow and heal, you’ll slowly and steadily come to terms that its 110% normal and human-like to have conflicting episodes and flashbacks every now and then. not to devalue or justify the pain you’ve gone through by saying ‘everyone experiences it too!’ but in regards to knowing that you’re not alone and we all deal with dark moments essentially unwound-able patches in our life, I hope it brings each of you comfort that one day, you’ll realise that everything happened for a reason.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : I have MANYYYYY goals and aspirations. aside from music, I loved acting as a child. (idk if its just me) but whenever I watch a show or movie, I act like i’m in the show and I repeat what the characters are saying in my own tone and personality to see what it would be like. I guess its rehearsal for my future set on The Runaways, Stranger Things, On My Block…… anyways.
my music is to heal and help. and with that, I hope I get to be lucky enough to go on multiple sold out stadium world tours, collaborating with various prolific artists and giving my love for music to everyone who listens to me sonically and energetically.
let me manifest real quick:
my music has billions and trillions of streams,
my bank account has billions and trillions of cash,
I do good for the world and I always give back no matter the situation,
all of this and many more comes to fruition with harm to none, and so it is.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : The pandemic has allowed me to be extremely creative with my social media. I managed to create TONS of music, create POV’s which brought in 500K NEW viewers who managed to enjoy my series, It also allowed me to begin my journey with crystals, manifestation, spirituality and more. despite the negative connotation the adjective ‘pandemic’ has, I was able to juxtapose the situation and do something positive with a pessimistic issue.

What is a message you would like to give others? : to never ever EVER take into consideration what insecure people have to say about you, your craft or your talent. everyone has their own craft, own taste, own talent and own strive for ‘success’ you don’t need to cater to everyones needs and if someone named Alyssa dislikes your art, it wasn’t for her weird egotistical self anyway. the right people will find you eventually. just continue perfecting yourself in silence and let your growth stun the world.

I can’t stress this enough but do what gives you the most joy. I dropped out of high school to pursue music and although my friends around me are going to university in September and i’m still in school, choosing music and my passion was the best thing for me than studying maths and English for another year. music is my therapy and my happiness is my priority. if people want to throw doubts and ‘you’re going to fail and she/he/they are gonna come running back to us for support’ comments. let them. turn that anger into fuel for motivation and success

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: in the end, you only exist once. make a legacy and continue doing what makes a change in your life and has a positive impact on you and the world.
aaaaaaaanddddd see you all on my world tour – Abdullah Ali

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