Sydney Dean Eubanks: Chase, dream, listen, explore, and find the TRUTH in things.

Name: Sydney Dean Eubanks

Social Media Handle/Username: @PhoneticAK

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I am an Alaskan, born and raised in South East Alaska. Which was a very different upbringing than your typical American childhood, because Sitka, the town where I grew up was not only in isolated Alaska, but also isolated from the more populated areas in Alaska. Also, being an island community makes my upbringing even more unique.
Here you either dive into the fishing, hunting, and boating experience as a kid, or go the other way which was sports, and music. I dove into the sports , and music, heavy.
Long cold winters have made Basketball gyms a safe haven for many south east Alaskans, and that has produced a very rich basketball culture here.
As a kid our music programs in Sitka were legendary, thanks to 30-40 years of amazing teachers through out our elementary, middle school, and high school. This had a profound effect on me moving into adult hood, and to this day I am involved in Sports and music.
I have had the opportunity through work, to travel through out the United States, including performing Music in different cities as well.
I’ve worked, and lived in Jackson Hole Wyoming, Park City Utah, and Seattle Washington.
Around 2013 a family venture brought me back home to Sitka, where I was raised, and at that time I started coaching basketball, and took a break from music.
The family venture I moved back for was a dive into the cannabis industry, as it became legal here in Alaska. My family had previously built residential homes and commercial buildings, and we teamed up with a gentleman that is a genius when it comes to the marijuana industry. He designed, and we built a literal “Death Star” of a marijuana facility. We specialize in marijuana concentrate, and since we have been producing our concentrate we have risen to the top of Alaska’s marijuana industry, and it has been a lot of work, but a wild ride!
(AKO for the shameless plug)

What Inspires You Every day? : The truth inspires me, and while that may sound like some cliche BS, I really have started looking at things that way. If you can start by just not lying to yourself, you will discover how difficult it is to find the truth in things. Also, how others react to the truth if they have also been lying to themselves, like nearly everyone does. The truth is the truth is a burden, but the closer I get to it the happier I seem to be, and the simpler life is.
One thing I love about living where I live is that it’s a simple life that allows time in a day to reflect, and live. The people on an island are naturally forced to be honest with each other, and in general it keeps Sitka an honest place. I love that about Sitka, and I keep myself inspired just by living here and working with my family.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Anything worth having is not easily obtained.
Not sure who said that, but now I say it all the time, lol!

What is your ultimate goal in life? : To inspire in a positive manner, and I feel like that is our biggest priority to our existence as human beings. It’s why I coach, it’s why I make music, it’s why I live, and that’s the truth, truly.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : I’ve been fine, and very fortunate to live where I live, and that I haven’t had to deal with any tragedy from Covid.
My wife and I completely remodeled our house during the pandemic. Living in the construction was challenging, and with full time jobs, exhausting.
But, now our place looks amazing and my wife is happy, so that’s more valuable than anything.

What is a message you would like to give others? : You effect the world a lot more than you realize, wether is negatively, or positively.
Small positive acts, or changes in your life make an astounding difference over time, and once it becomes habit you can become such a source of positivity, it’s unstoppable.
Chase, dream, listen, explore, and find the TRUTH in things.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: I have struggled with mental illness my entire life.
Undiagnosed, but always present I know that it is something I’ve had to pay attention to, and nurture.
I have found that balance is the best answer for me, diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, honesty, and positivity, all have to be part of my everyday life or I go down a path that isn’t enjoyable for anybody.
I don’t think this makes me unique in any way, as we are all dealing with something.
Music is the biggest thing that I use to help deal with these issues. I stopped making music for a while and once I started again, I realized I need it as a tool to help understand myself better, and in turn the truth.
There is no better way for me to figure out the truth about how I feel about something, than to go write music about it.

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