Recover your burning-heels for your next race at any place/time with Marathon Sports

Recover your burning-heels for your next race at any place/time with Marathon Sports North Foot Rubz.

If you run for a long time you realize that it’s a tough thing to do because you engage multiple groups of muscles. You do not want to have a burning pain within your body for so long.

As a runner or an athletic person that does marathons it’s quite alarming when you have pressure in your feet for days after the run.

Imagine this..

You just come back from running through your race strategy for the big 10 mile run you have ahead.

It’s a regular day but you know something is off.

Your lactic acid build up has been insane these last couple of weeks that you train.

Of course the fruits & veggies keep things down but your training starts to catch up to your body for real.

That’s when you understand that your body is begging for relief. But the only relief that you give it is from sleep & eating.

So you get home..

After a long practice run..

And wow. Don’t your heels burn from your miles of running

So you take a nap thinking it will help. You wake up 2 hours later and your heels ache now.

“I hope I don’t have Plantar Fasciitis” you think..

So you reach to grab your Marathon Sports North Foot Rubz Massage Ball to relieve your burning heels.

Oh wait. That’s right. You don’t have one. Click here to shop that Massage Ball & the array of other Marathon Sport’s items.

The North Foot Rubz ball:

  • Is Versatile and portable. The compact size of the massage ball makes it easy to carry and use anywhere.
  • Has Targeted relief: The 160 nubs on the massage ball provide stimulation to release tension in various muscle groups, not just your feet.
  • Is an effective aid in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain. Regular alleviates pain, improves flexibility, and promotes healing of your muscles.

Click Here to Shop Nike at Marathon Sports.

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