Renz Scruggs : The impact I want to make on the world is showing people that working on yourself is what outpours into the next person.


Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Renz is no stranger to adversity, struggle, and hard work. Coming up, Renz began making music with his cousins before his teenage years. Rapping on a plastic microphone, he fell in love with the process of songwriting and song creation. Eventually, this led to making music with his friends around town and gaining notoriety throughout his hometown of Ashtabula, OH. Renz later would combine his talents with producer Josh Maunus at Top of the World recording studios in Cleveland, OH. Through years of dedication, Renz would begin to gain a following through the region and expanding into the south with the help of his label “Elevated Music Group”.

Beginning of music career:

Renz Scruggs began his music career in elementary school. Always getting selected for solo performances for school plays, Renz fell in love with performing in front of an audience and loved the rush it gave him on stage.This later led to multiple local shows, and eventually turned into frequently traveling out of state to perform with multiple headline acts including Rod Wave, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Pooh Shiesty, Mulatto, Waka Flaka, Tay Money and many more.

Experience in music:

Renz states, “Music has alot of highs and lows. One minute you feel like you’re gaining traction, the next minute you see yourself in the same position. It truly is a form of discipline and self belief, My experience has been incredible because it has helped shape me into a stand up guy who believes in himself.”


Renz has won multiple awards throughout his community and further on. Gaining recognition and stepping foot on the big stages. Performing at SXSW, A3C Festival, and being a reliable act for superstars in the music industry.

Words of wisdom:

“Chop wood carry water” is a saying that Renz lives by on a daily basis. Falling in love with the process of becoming who you set out to be is more important than when you become it. You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great.

Greatest Hit:

Really Unbothered and Miami

Upcoming projects:

“Renz World” is the next release. A project about isolation and the thoughts that come from it. So far, the releases from “Renz World” are as followed:

1.) Louder Hugs

2.) Freak Hoe

3.) Sturdy

4.) Flight 226

Impact on the world:

The impact I want to make on the world is showing people that working on yourself is what outpours into the next person. Try everyday to become the best version of yourself possible. You do not have to do illegal things in order to win, although sometimes that’s how it feels. I want to be a factor in this world that helps people understand that love is truly the answer to most problems. Spread love


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