Hunter: Films have the power to remind us what it means to be human and how deep down we’re all the same.

  1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

● My name is Hunter. I’ve nicknamed myself Serge in high school, but I’m the only one that
uses it in on social media (🤣). I’ve lived in Ohio most of my life, but hope to travel more
in the future. I work at a PPS (Post Production Services) but I consider myself a
filmmaker. My interests specifically include directing, writing, video editing,
cinematography, and helping with production. My long-term goal is to be a writer/director
full time.

  1. What inspired you to become a filmmaker and how has your experience been?

● I have two answers to the first part of your question. The first part of my answer was
when I was 11 or 12-years-old, I saw this movie called Wild America. It was based on the
life of a documentarian named Marty Stouffer. The film was about these brothers who go
across the country filming wildlife. Something about that clicked and made me think, “I
could do that.” Within a year, I made up my mind that I didn’t want to just make a
documentary, I wanted to make all types of films. So, I started watching the special
features for whatever DVD’s I had available. I wanted to know how movies got made. Not
just how actors do their jobs, but how directors work on a set.
● The second part of my answer goes back to my entire childhood. I’ve always been an
introverted kid. I’m on the autism spectrum and had a lot of difficulty hanging out with
other kids. I enjoyed playing outside, but wasn’t that big into sports. And I HATED the
heat. So summers were always brutal. I loved staying inside, not just for the air
conditioning, but also for watching television. I consumed whatever was on when I was
young, mainly cartoons on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, and Cartoon
Network. I think I always just found cartoons more interesting and exciting than real life.
Shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, Batman, Scooby-Doo, Phineas and Ferb,
Drake and Josh, Kim Possible, and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody were on repeat
constantly. One movie changed my whole life, however. This was one of the first
memories I have of being alive, and it’s fueled my creativity ever since: Star Wars. I can’t
recall which exact film I was exposed to first, but I knew what a lightsaber was. I knew of
the force, Darth Vader, and a galaxy far, far away. To this day I know I’ve watched Star
Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, more than any other film. For this reason, I
always attribute George Lucas and his films as my first inspiration for imagination.
● As for my personal experience being a filmmaker, it’s good (for what it is). I was very
lucky to have attended Cincinnati State to learn about film/tv production. I also discovered
my love for video editing, another important process in making movies. The main problem
is access to people who are interested the same way I am. I’m lucky enough to have my
brother to help me make short films for the past several years, but I know that won’t be
forever. Most of my friends have jobs, families, or have no interest in making movies. I’m

lucky enough to have made many friends through Instagram who share my love of films.
One of which is also a filmmaker, Fritz Frauendorf, who let me help with the production of
his last short film, Re:Attachment, which has gone on to multiple film festivals. I’m also
glad that I’ve finished shooting my latest short film which I’m about to start the editing
process on. It’s been a passion project for almost 2 whole years and I plan on submitting
it to film festivals as well.

  1. What are your favorite types of films?

● I’m open to every genre, but my favorite genres include Horror, Drama, and Science
Fiction. I think horror sometimes gets a bad rap. Maybe it has to do with big studios
following trends and audiences getting used to mainstream horror. I see horror as a way
to induce fear and shock, and many great films have been made within this genre. Some
of my favorites include The Exorcist, Hereditary, Rosemary’s Baby, Dawn of the Dead,
Insidious, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Midsommar, American Psycho, The Shinning,
Psycho, Suspiria, and The Blair Witch Project.
● Science Fiction always fascinates me. You can make big blockbusters with this genre, or
do something small scale to tell a deeper story. Some of my favorite sci-fi films include
Interstellar, Ad Astra, Super 8, Signs, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ex Machina, Her, Blade
Runner, Under the Skin, and the Star Wars franchise (of course).
● Dramatic films can be really powerful and insightful when done correctly. So many films
within this genre have reminded me about the power of filmmaking (same can be said
about all genres, though). Some of my favorite dramas include The Revenant, Waves,
Parasite, Whiplash, Lady Bird, Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk, Punch-Drunk Love,
Prisoners, Drive, The Green Mile, Do The Right Thing, 25th Hour, Oslo August 31st,
Requiem for a Dream, The Master, Sound of Metal, and Shame.
● Genres aside, I believe my favorite types of films are ones that are character studies.
Some of my all-time favorite films include films that explore the human condition or I have
characters that challenge me. The movie Shame, directed by Steve McQueen, is in my
mind, a masterpiece on every level of filmmaking. It took me several watches over the
years for everything to truly sink in. My circumstances to the main character are so far
apart, but what he feels internally is something I’ve felt for so long. I’ve had multiple
experiences like that with several films and each time it feels like a part of me is being
seen. It’s therapeutic. It’s these types of films I’d love to make, but within a variety of

  1. What are some struggles you’ve faced in life to be where you are now?

● As I mentioned, I’m on the autism spectrum (high functioning). So when I was very
young, I always needed assistance in school. Being on the spectrum also means I tend to
burn out alot, which can affect my determination to continue writing. Sometimes weeks at

a time or longer. Thankfully, I’ve vastly improved my communication skills. Unfortunately,
I’ve experienced other mental struggles as of late. I’ve dealt with a lot of depression the
past several years. In truth, I first felt it in 7th or 8th grade, I just didn’t know how to
communicate it or categorize it. I believe this can come with certain autistic traits, but I’m
not an expert by any means. Needless to say my anxiety has gone way up over the past
several years.
● I’m confused about my personal beliefs even more so than when I was a kid. I used to
think that when people are adults, they slowly come into themselves. This included their
personal beliefs about politics, religion, sexuality, social problems, etc. But I don’t know
where I fall. Sometimes I think I’m just existing, observing other people’s lives before my
time being alive ends. It’s probably a phase, though, like most things I feel. I’m still here
pursuing my dreams, so I think that’s a good sign.

  1. What are goals in the next 2-5 years?

● My plan is to continue to work on my craft. I work a 9-5 job five days a week, so
weekends are the only time to either edit, write, or study other films. This can be difficult
because I have other responsibility with my family and most times I’m just tired from
working so much. I’m glad to work where I do though, everyone is great to work with. My
hope is within 5 years I will have my own place and/or be working more frequently on film
productions. This includes directing more short films professionally or maybe even a
feature film. Hopefully I’ll have several screenplays written and ready for when I go to
pitch them for studios.

  1. What is one way you’d like to make an impact in the world?

● For one thing, I’d like to be involved with more charities in the future. The American
The foundation for Suicide Prevention is one I’d like to donate to and bring awareness to.
Anything that involves people rather than tearing them down is something I am for.
● While this next answer may sound silly and possibly relative, I do believe in the power of
cinema. It’s not just a way for people to escape reality for a few hours, it’s a way for all of
us to connect. Films have the power to remind us what it means to be human and how
deep down we’re all the same. I’ve used Cinema Therapy from the very beginning and I
continue to use it almost every time I watch, or rewatch, a great movie. That’s how I’m
going to impact the world positively. Cinema has changed me for the better, and I
hope my future films do the same.

  1. What else would you like to tell the world about you?
    ● I always try to keep an open mind.
    ● I’m a big fan of Zack Snyder, one of my favorite directors. I hope to see his SnyderVerse
    restored. I also hope to meet him one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. If anyone
    can reach out to him, let him know that his work brought me hope for the future.

● I used to be in a black hole I couldn’t escape from. I went through some emotional trauma
growing up, that I’m still occasionally going through. Coming to terms with it and living with
these emotions are sometimes so painful, I just want to quit or run away from everyone.
Start a new life, alone. But I’m still here, fighting through this life. I have some daily close
people who’ve helped me throughout. From close family members to my friend Fritz,
who’s had similar(ish) feelings as I have. They’re a reminder that I’m here for a reason. I
hope making films helps me better understand myself and the world around me.
● I’m for hire (👋).

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