Henry Panic: Create a plan! Every chapter should be mapped out.

1. Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

I’m Henry Panic. I’m a concert/festival producer, meaning I book and market concerts and festivals. I’m an author, releasing my book ‘With Lucifer On My Side’ last year. My book is about using philosophy to navigate hardships I’ve faced in life. I’ve been working in the music industry for nearly seven years and love it! I’ve worked in a lot of different industries, and I’m happy to settle in such a fun and festive industry. 

2. What inspires you to become an author? 

I wanted to read the book I wrote but no one had. I don’t practice rituals. Many occultists do. So when you read anything from a personal perspective in the occult or Left-hand Path library it’s going to be ritual focused. I wanted something philosophy focused. I was curious how people have used philosophy to navigate life. Specifically, occult and Left-hand Path philosophy. Esoteric philosophy. 

3. What is the greatest thing you love about writing? 

It’s such a release! I like formulating a point and making my case for it. Probably a result of all those thesis papers I had to write for my undergrad history degree. Either way, I just enjoy it. I’ve been keeping some kind of journal since I was a young teenager. It’s been extremely constant in my life. 

4. What are some struggles in life you’ve faced and how did you overcome it? 

I’ve struggled with drug use on and off since I was a teen. I haven’t used in years and have no plan to but keeping on track with that is difficult sometimes. I struggled with opiate addiction this last time and dealing with opiate withdrawal as many times as I had to… that was an ugly experience. It really turned me off to using again. Stoic philosophical points specifically helped me see the addiction through to its end. Good riddance! 

5. What are some goals in life you’d like to complete or have completed as an author?

Writing ‘With Lucifer On My Side’ completed a life goal to become an author. I have other book ideas but work has me extremely busy at this time so it’s nothing I’m working on. I have started writing some comedic ideas down and I’m working on a plan of attack with that. I doubt anything would be revealed until next year though. 

6. What advice would you like to give to fellow writers out there? 

Create a plan! Every chapter should be mapped out. Make sure you have not read it for 30 days. After 30 days, go back, do another edit. Then send to an editor. You need to rest your eyes on your writing. Give it a break. Then go back and make sure you still like what you wrote. I would have saved myself a major headache if I followed that rule. 

7. What else would you like to tell the world about you?

My life is dope and I do dope shit. – Jeezy

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