Saint Nikole talks about music, life and her journey on becoming the best she can be.

1. Introduce yourself(explain as much as you would like) 

Hi I’m Saint Nikole, an artist in the truest form. 

2. What or who inspired you to become a musician artist? 

My first song I ever wrote is “I Can’t Sleep” I wrote it one night that I couldn’t sleep just out of pure insomnia. I ended up recording it for fun, and played it for a friend who was like, “woah, can we put this on repeat?” 

Turns out, recording that song miraculously cured my insomnia. I started realizing that I need music, and music needs me 

3. I see that your recent song NOWHERE is out, can you explain behind the music of what was your thought process with creating the song & music video? 

The term “stuck in your nowhere” refers to a person who is presently here, but their mentality is toxic and no one can help them even though they’ve tried.

4. What was your childhood experience like?

My early childhood I grew up on a horse farm with my grandmother who treated me like a little princess, until she passed. It started to get rocky then. At age 15 I was put in foster care and remained there.

5. What are some words of wisdom you live by everyday? 

If you can dream or, you can do it. It’s hard to believe as far as I have come that I was once a child in the system. I hope I inspire more to find the way.

6. What were some challenges you faced getting to where you are now? 

Hollywood in general. You know how that goes

7. What are your thoughts on society today, and what is a way you would like to make an impact in the world?

I think society is easier to maneuver than ever before. And I will take advantage of that. I’d like to take over the world 

8. What are some upcoming projects of you have coming up that we can expect from you?

My next song is called “Can’t Save Me” and it’s coming sooner than you think, I can’t wait for you to hear it 

9. What is a positive message you’d like to share with your fans and people around the world? 

That everything will be okay if you make it okay.

10. What else would you like to share with others about you?

I am also currently working at many other new songs with my producer. Stay engaged 

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