Majid: I like to be elegant and give the value of the product i wear and show it in the best way.

Introduce yourself, who are you, what is it you do, etc?

hello dear I’m Majid fashion blogger model menswear , I’m from Morocco i live in kenitra city. 

What inspired you to become a fashion blogger?

When I was young, I loved taking pictures, and with time I chose the world of fashion because I love the wearer and I like to be elegant and give the value of the product i wear and show it in the best way and give people ideas about clothes or help them how to wear what they love 

What is the brands you wear that represent you the most?

Burberry , Calvin Klein , Zara , Gucci , Pedro del hero , cavali , Massimo ,

What is your biggest goal you want to achieve as a fashion blogger?

Access global brands and time I want to create a special brand

If you could partner with one brand which one would you choose the most?

Burberry 🖤🦅

What are some struggles you faced to get to where you are now?

-First one i can’t find anyone to take a picture of me 

– I can’t find anyone to do what I want in camera

– last one : People didn’t accept what I did in the beginning

Last question, what else would you like to tell people about you?

Im  here and i do what i love and reach my goals

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