Introduce yourself, who are you, what is it you do, etc?

My name is Arvind, Im Indian American from Tamil Nadu. I studied electrical and computer engineering from UT and work as an business analyst for a bank. 

Outside of work I’m an avid hiker and mountain climber. I love nature and traveling to different spots in the world both to experience the nature & the culture of the people. I also dabble with creating drone footage and trying to expand my knowledge there.

You mentioned you studied engineering what inspired you to pursue that?

I was always good at math and liked computers so it made me pursue electrical and computer engineering

What is some words of wisdom that you live by on a daily basis?

I would say keep looking forward, try to help others around you but most important practice self care. You always come first

What is a way you’d like to make an impact on the world?

I’d like to create a fund for 1 or 2 schools in a developing country to help the next generation grow!

What is some struggles you’ve faced in life to get to where you are now?

Ive had to navigate through some tough situations between friends and relationships through college that made me a more resilient person who puts himself first.

What are your plans for the next 2-5 years?

Take Some time off / gap year and then find a new job somewhere! 

In addition, keep finding new places to hike and visit while I’m taking some time off. 

Potentially go back for a masters or come back and try to get into management

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