Brayden: Time is now to work with the best of what we have and work more unison with the earth.

Introduce yourself, tell alittle bit about who you are

Hey there 

I’m Brayden from board theory 

From Daytona Beach Florida 

Been around the ocean all my life 

Fell in love with the process and craft of board around 12 years old and haven’t looked back much haha

What inspired you to do what you do?

I was 10 when I got my first board , about 11/12 I was doing ding repair myself and at 12 I found some foam to shape and went to town… couldn’t glass the first one for a couple years… fast forward my 13th bday my dad got me a real surfboard blank. I knew then what would be my future and shaped and glassed that first board in October when I was 13 … 24 now and will be 25 this year… my neighbor worked on boat glass and he showed me how to glass for the first time. 

I was hooked 

Tried to scrap money together for more materials every month I could after

Around the 3/4 board I wanted to go full time…. All the while I had a company called damn theory 

I made hard wood skateboards and handplanes. When I wanted to get boards into store the stores ere super stoked on the damn theory name… shortly after I went to boardtheory since I was building surfboards, skateboards , wood body boards and handplanes… 

During my start up of damn theory I was teaching my self to weld in the basement too

From 13-18 I took over my parents garage and basement. 

Making the garage a glassing room and a welding shop. 

The shaping room and staining area for the hand planes was in the basement next to the laundry for years 

Finally mom got me to move my shop into their publishing warehouse 

Where my parents stored their own possessions, family heirloom and lots n lots of inventory of books… 

I spent about 4/5 years there until it accidentally burned down in 2018

What is some words of wisdom you lived by to help you get through all that?


Everything is love. Everything has a deeper connection but it’s up to the individual to find connection or even allow such process 

I really learned how to make the best from a fudged up situation 

That was my worst nightmare 

Loosing. Everything. I own to fire or even my self I was supposed to be in there 

I learned to listen to the universe, slow down and appreciate the tiny way  of tiny things 

Was humbled

Learned I live life to create and with out connections what would it all be for? 

ENERGY has  become my best friend along with karma and understand the working of flow and the everyday 

I love life and the people and situations we can manifest 

We are life , life is us, love is us . The universe is us we are the universe, we are each other experiencing life at a simultaneous line 

Life is creation , creation is love 

And I try hard in most situations to stay as positive as humanly possible 

If you can dream you can do it 

And quote My grandpa used to say 

The only way to eat a elephant is one bite at time 

And I’ve applied that to most of the challenges I’ve faced 

Nothings impossible unless you make it 

So might as well live in the existence of making it happen until it your reality 🙂

What is something you’ve struggled with growing up?


Temper and 

Father figures bahahah

Resin and medicine taught me patience and breathing for sure 

And my tempers 

Medicine and understanding my tempers have alleviated my struggle with control based figures more so than just father figures and I’ve learned to not only move past that but also work with it as a strength and understanding now  for my self and others 

Family is the most important and center of my goals and mission

 to provide and leave a sustainable product, system and conscious for my friends and family to inherit and maintain or shift as felt needed with the times 

To help even when physically not here 

The Butterfly effect is a huge piece of my everyday too. Divinely perfect. 

Tiniest of energies can have the biggest impact,  if started with the right conscious 

Even if they’re not a physically blood connection , it’s the community , the connection and inner standing of one’s self and each other

What is one way you’d make an impact in society?

Just being there for people when needed as much as possible 

And remaining positive in the times that need it the most. 

There’s alot of people that come by my factory just to check in and see me or vibe and chat about whatever they’re vibed on or low about 

While I’m working Glassing and shaping 

Not when sanding I have to focus to much for that 

My factory has aura a. Vibe if you will 

It’s a low key spot that helps reset you and remember that wow this place (Mother Earth) is amazing and we can do so much good everyday 

Time is now to work with the best of what we have and work more unison with the earth 

I’d like to show the world a true eco based and sustainable surfboard and change the construction process that will help numerous other industry’s and process in the recourse

Last question what would you like to tell others about you?

Stay true to yourself and love everyone!! 

No matter what take the high road 

And remember we’re all walk-in each other home

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