Natalie: I wish that people got along better and just accepted each other.

Name : Natalie

Instagram : pcultleader

Introduce Yourself? : Hello, my name is Natalie Monzon, I am 15 years old and I live in California. Both of my parents come from El Salvador so I am Latina, and I am also bilingual. I identify as bisexual and my family is very supportive! I have a pet turtle, I love to draw, and I love to sleep.

What are your inspirations & goals in life? : I want to make an impact on the world, and inspire people to be themselves and encourage others to live their best life, and I want to do it as an artist. I’m not sure on the exact steps I need to take but I have my eyes set on this goal. I also want to have stability in my life, emotionally and financially.

What is your view on the people in our world today. Be honest!? : Honestly, there’s a lot going on in the world today and I wish that people got along better and just accepted each other. The world could be a better place, but some people make it more difficult, unfortunately.

Are you a positive or a negative person? : I like to think I’m a positive person. I do have some ups and downs in my life so it really depends on how I’m feeling at that moment. But overall I’m a positive person.

What would you change about yourself? : I wish that I loved myself more. I’m so hard on myself all the time and I always tell others to accept themselves and give themselves a break, but I don’t follow that advice. I think that it’s the main reason I get stressed. I always push myself too hard and I can’t help it.

How would you contribute to bringing our world closer together? : I love to draw and sketch and design, and I know how much art can influence someone emotionally and I think it’s a beautiful thing.

Anything else you wanna say? : Not really, but I think it’s great that you want to make the world a better place :).

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