My name’s Visakh K Biju I’m a student From kerala, India

What inspires you everyday?

My mom

What is some goals you have in life?

My main goal is to just be free mentally and financially just wanna be free I dont wanna do a regular job for the rest of my life I just really wanna start something myself or start something through social media

What is some struggles you faced in life?

That would be when my parents got separated

Last question how do you feel about people in the world and what changes did you make to be where you are now?

I kinda used to be an introvert I never really liked the concept of socializing But that held me back a lot I used to think that people never really cared for anyone and that they dont even care to talk to anyone else rather than the ones they were comfortable with But then I came to understand that it was me who did not approach them and try to socialize Soo I started to open up and expand my friends circle Now more people know me and it has also boosted up my confidence level I changed my perception about people an that way changed myself.

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