My name is Marcus and I was born in Lagos in Nigeria, moved here to Australia with my family when I was 6 years old and currently living here, I’m a rapper/Artist currently trying to make myself big here in Australia. Show that theirs more to the black culture

What inspires you everyday?

What inspires me everyday is that my dream is still there, and I have that feeling that I can still achieve it and that I’m halfway to reaching my dreams, and I’ll probably lose more to turn around and stop now then to go the rest of the way

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

Even on your worst days your having a better day then someone else

What is your ultimate goal in life?

To finish all my goals and achieve what I wanna achieve before it’s too late

What is a moment in your life that was life-changing for you?

I’ve had plenty of those moments that I’ve never really took into note, but I think moving from Africa to Australia was probably the most life changing for me, I wouldn’t be were, or who I am today if it wasn’t for that

Last question how do you feel about life and what changes you made to be where you are now?

Tbh life’s good, I wouldn’t expect any other way so I can’t really say I would change anything, I wouldn’t really know if I made changes to be here because I just go with it and live my life how I want to live it.

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