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Peg Pondering Again: Allow our Lord into your heart, reveal it all to Him.

Advertisements Name: Peg Pondering Again Social Media Handle/Username: Peg Pondering Again / Peg Demetris / @CatholicForLife Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m a child of God, a penitent, a wife & mom. I am a rape survivor and live with the permanent effects of a brachial plexus injury (an injury to the brachial plexus, the network of nerves that conducts signals from the spinal […]

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Danny: live life to the fullest, and never give up

Advertisements Name: danny Social Media Handle/Username: danschmidt555 Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Im 13 have dirty blonde hair have 3 siblings I like vollyball,basket ball,quading. What Inspires You Every day? : well being with my family friends interacting with people. What is some words of wisdom you live by?: live life to the fullest, and never give up What is your ultimate goal in life? : To live long have a wife and just live life to the fullest. How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : some times I feel run down becuse I cant hangout with my friends and family, I also cant go on vacation. What is a message you would like to give others? : when ever you feel […]

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Cady: be strong, be kind & never give up.

Advertisements Introduce yourself:Hi,my name is Cady. I’m 27 years young…or old,depending on how you look it,haha. I’m a traveling CNA & have been for 5ish years. I am also a college graduate. Graduated from Fairmont State in 2015 with an AAS,but I make more money as a traveling CNA. I love my friends, family & the special man in my […]

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Kevin Hostrauser : Your worth is not in your bank account or your possessions or in how much you contribute to the economy; your only worth is in how you treat others.

Advertisements Name: Kevin Hostrauser Social Media Handle/Username: Hostrauser Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: 44-year-old cishet white male, Wisconsin, USA. Lover of classical music and bowling. He’s just this guy, you know? What Inspires You Every day? : My wife. Music. The opportunity to have another day to hopefully improve someone’s life, even if just for a moment. What is some words of wisdom you live […]

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Simone’ Blair: I love there are other people around the world. There is nothing more satisfying than meeting new people and traveling to new places.

Advertisements Name Simone’ Blair Describe alittle bit about yourself?(passions, goals,etc) I am a 26 year old wife and mother. I currently work in the law field all while studying to become an attorney. How do you feel about the things that happen on social media?(do you feel that it’s good or bad) I respect social media for its platform. If you are sad it will definitely bring you good laughs but I wouldn’t get to involved or engaged with it. It can also be draining. I like to do 30 day fasts here and there. How do you feel about people around the world? I love there are other people around the world. There is nothing more satisfying then meeting […]

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Hannah Combs says the bad things she sees on social media is sexual content and violence or about drugs.

Advertisements Name Hannah Combs Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)? I’m 18 years old and live In a small town called Lodi. My life was really hard when I was a kid. I grew up with no dad and my mom was a alcoholic. Raging actually. Very physically and mentally abusive. My mom was a stay at home mom that means no money was coming in. After a while we had no money and that meant no house. So for a while we were homeless and then I went to go to my grandmas house and live with her for a while. At this time I was about 6 years old. As I grew […]