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Tiffany Owens:  Do what makes YOU happy.

Name: Tiffany Owens Social Media Handle/Username: Beyoncesnum1fan Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: My name is Tiffany and I’m most known on social media for having a YouTube channel that me and my best friend host every week (try to anyway) lol What Inspires You Every day? : My mother! She’s a breast cancer survivor. Watching somebody go through chemo was hard!! If she can get […]

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Christian: No matter what you do in life nothing and I repeat nothing is more important than making sure you are happy and fulfilled

Name: Christian Instagram Handle/Username: Christianjayden113 Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m 19 years old. I live in the state of Wisconsin in the USA. What Inspires You Every day? : My inspiration comes mostly from my hunger for success and making sure I can create the best life for my self as possible. What is some words of wisdom you live by?:“Keep your face […]

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Elliot fynn: I grew up with a mentally and physically abusive father that caused me to spiral down a dark hole.

Introduce Yourself: I am a ftm 17 year old who strives to do good in life and be the kindest I can be Thoughts On People In The World?: There are so many deep and kind people in the world , but there are also people who just don’t care to be kind to others , people who are very cruel. What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspirations are art and music , my goals are to become an independent mentally stable young adult who is a tattoo artist . I also want to be a person who people can always come to and trust . How would you impact the world?: Being a trustworthy/ helpful person is something I want to achieve […]

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Samantha Rodriguez : basically raised herself and her younger sister because their brother didn’t care too much for them .

Name Samantha Rodriguez Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)? I’m currently going into my senior year of high school, I’m 16. I’ve kind of had a troubled life one could say, I grew up in a one parent household with an older brother and a younger sister, my mom was always out somewhere I basically raised myself and my younger sister because my brother didn’t care to much for us, I’ve also moved around a lot. What are the bad things you see on social media? People use it for the wrong reasons, instead of interacting with people on a friendly note, many chose to hide behind their screens and bully others. What are […]