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Pedro Pereira and Beatriz Gonçalves: life can be more beautiful, and that every worst problem in the world, you looking good, it has its good side.

Introduce yourself?: Hello, I’m Pedro Pereira and Beatriz Gonçalves. What inspires you everyday?:our inspiration is in the simplicity of sharing and transforming something new inside someone What is something you would change about people in the world?: I would not change them, for God created them perfect, I would only play our idea of ​​living, which is to live the simplicity of […]

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Alex Ecomodidies Diaz: Change does not mean that we abandon our principles.

Name: Alex Ecomodidies Diaz Social Media Handle/Username: Ecomodidies/SolusTempus Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: My name is Alex Diaz, I appreciate socializing with many people online, though friends come and go, I hope to make a good impact before our eventual goodbyes. I am different (not fruity), so I understand and accept people for who they are. Besides that I guess to answer some basic […]

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Delaida Rodriguez: “Live for today” Not every day is going to be perfect or even good. You will fall down at times, but it’s whether you choose to stay on the ground or get back up that will define who you are. Life is now or never.

Name: Delaida Rodriguez Social Media Handle/Username: Twitter- @ddxraine Insta- @ddxrod Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hey you all! I’m 18 years old and living in Tucson, Arizona. I go to the University of Arizona […]

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Abriana Ebo : You may feel insignificant or invisible but you most definitely are not to our loving God and not only are you seen but adored as well.

Name Abriana Ebo Share Your Story Hi my name is Abriana Ebo. I am 25 years old and from the South East part of the U.S. I grew up in a large close knit family who instilled within me a love for Jesus, travel and serving others. Though not perfect, I strived from a very young age to let my […]