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¬†Charlotte: ¬†Remember always to be curious about yourself, your thoughts, behavior, reaction patterns and sometimes ask yourself – could I do better

Name: Charlotte Social Media Handle/Username: Miss Felixity Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: My name is Charlotte and I’m a 29 y/o Danish female. I live in a town called Kolding, where I’ve lived my whole youth. I’m a nudeart model, Partner on twitch, content creator on other Social medias and an Onlyfans creator.In January 2021 I got sick with stress and heavy depression symptoms […]

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Rachel: My son inspires me every single day. He’s amazed and in awe by the most mundane things.

Name: Rachel Social Media Handle/Username: RachVoodooChild Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m an Irish 27 year old mum who adores Tarot. I draw and paint digitally and spend around 6 to 12 hours drawing a day. I love doing portrait pieces the most. I’m also a carer for my partner with epilepsy so I have a lot of hobbies…like a lot of hobbies. […]