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Lil’ Custard:  I feel like we have so much potential to overcome anything. But so many people choose not to.

Introduce yourself?: My name is Matt but I go by Lil’ Custard,Born in Portsmouth England, living in Sydney Australia What inspires you everyday?: My bank account being in minus and my music are the two things that drive me. I wake up every day and try to bring down my problems one step at a time. What is something you would change […]

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Muriel: I would change self pride. I always see people like peers, celebrities, friends who have so much pride to the point that they make others feel so little.

Introduce yourself?: Hello! My name is Muriel . Also know as Amarish on instagram. I am 15 years old , I was born in Seattle, Wa but raised in the one and only Peru, Lima. What inspires you everyday?: What inpires me everyday is the fact that we only live once. I’m always motivated to take chances and risks , to get […]