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Gabrielle Olivas: I just try to be a good person and if I’m good in my book, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Living in fear is no way to live.

Advertisements Name: Gabrielle Olivas Social Media Handle/Username: gab_best Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hi I’m Gabrielle, everyone I meet immediately comes up with a nickname for me though so feel free to do so. Gabby is probably the most popular, though there have been some pretty cool and some pretty strange monikers created for me. I’m a 27, Mexican/mixed race cis bi woman living […]

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Lenny Liebmann: I have people to take care of — and I have the opportunity to be a conscious living being experiencing existence. That alone is fairly miraculous and badass to me. I mean, who else gets to be me but me.

Advertisements Name: Lenny Liebmann Social Media Handle/Username: lenny_liebmann (Twitter) Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m a 63-year-old Jew from New York who wrote his first line of code back in 1973 and has been involved in technology ever since. I’ve also been a drug dealer, a pastor, a musician, and a reporter. I have two great sons in their 30’s of whom I’m very […]