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Myranda Webber: I believe that if we understand each other better and understand everyone’s beliefs people would learn to get along so then we would all be good people.

Introduce yourself?: Hi my name is Myranda Webber and I am 15 years old. What inspires you everyday?: The thing that inspires me the most everyday is my mom. My mom is a single mother of two me and transgender brother. She loves both of us more than her life and takes care of her mom, my grandmother. While she takes care […]

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 Candace Simpson: Something I struggle with is having good self esteem.

Introduce yourself?: My name isCandace Simpson and I’m not quite sure why I am doing this What inspires you everyday?: Drake inspires me everyday because he is so successful, and my mom because she’s always trying something new and she’s so comfortable with being herself What is something you would change about people in the world?: Something I would change about people in […]