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Moski Shai’keem: “The World Is So Small But Life Is So Huge”

Name: Moski Shai’keem Social Media Handle/Username: Instagram/Twitter @HollyWoodStroke Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m Moski Shai’keem.. I’m a 24 years young Science Fiction/Fiction Author Of Children’s Books With 14 Published Books On The Shelves, Including My Best-Seller book Flint Fisher: Boy Of The 22nd Century Volume 1 (which is a trilogy series) & Available For Purchase On I’m also a college student currently […]

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 Débora:  I’m inspired by my family and my friends. They are the ones that motivate me.

Name: Débora Social Media Handle/Username: Deby’s Adventures Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hi, my name is Débora and I’m 25. My major at university was English studies. I’m a crafty person and I love to create stuff such as costumes and resin jewelries.My nickname “Deby” is the inspiration for my cosplay nickname “Deby’s Adventures” as I am Débora/Deby and my life is an adventure! […]

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Alex Crowley: What will matter at the end of your days is what you’ve done with your life, and what you’ve learned.

Name: Alex Crowley Social Media Handle/Username: Twitter/Instagram @alxcrowley Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hello everyone, nice to meet you my name is Alex. I’ve always wanted to do an interview and share my views with the world so I’m glad I was provided this opportunity to do so. As of right now I’m twenty-one years old, a political science major, a history junky, and […]

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Kirsten Tatum: If you do it confidently, you can pull off anything.

Name: Kirsten Tatum Instagram Handle/Username: kirstentatum21 Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hi! My name is Kirsten! I am a triplet with two brothers. We were born in Huntsville, AL and spent our teenage years living in Costa Rica. I went to college near Chattanooga, TN and graduated from Lee University with a B.A. in Music- Vocals. Once I graduated I started working as a […]

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Alajiha Foster: The things that inspire me every day are the dreams and goal that I have and want to accomplish.

Name: Alajiha Foster Instagram Handle/Username: Laykabre Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Somethings about myself, well for starters my name is alajiha, I am 21 years old , my zodiac sign is a Taurus and I’m what you consider a introvert. I’m in college majoring in psychology minoring in social work. To be honest there is really not much to say What Inspires You Every […]