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Lily Nascimento: My biggest dream is to work at Nike as a photographer.

Name : Lily Nascimento Instagram : Ly leocasgocy Introduce Yourself? : Hi, I’m Lily, some call me Lil’s others Lily pad, I got so many names.I am 25 years old born and raised in Angola(Africa),3 siblings and loving parents, but I moved to South Africa when I was 20 years old to Study. I would say that I have seen and felt a lot. But fortunately I am annoyingly optimistic, that’s what made be where I am now. I couldn’t finish my studies (Graphic design) and every one was telling me that I wouldn’t get a job without a DEGREE. Now I work fulltime as a graphic designer. I get disappointed every day, but I am too busy being happy. What are your […]

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Aurora‚Äôs daughter Lily, influenced all goals in life because they are all for her

Name Aurora Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)? My mom was in prison for ten years. My dad was never around. When my mom got out she married a guy who abused her and raped me. Then I moved in my dad. I went to a party a year back and I was drinking to much and ended up having sex with a guy that I didnt want to do it with. I got knock up from that. My dad kicked me out because I was pregnant and now I work two jobs and I pay for everything my babygirl needs. What do you value most from your country? I value my country because […]