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Tag: justice

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Sabrina C:  Love is knowing that you matter to someone, in some way shape or form, you matter.

Introduce Yourself: I am Sabrina, a junior at Grand Valley State University, I am majoring in social work with an emphasis in pediatric/adolescence’s. I am almost done with my minor which is criminal justice. Thoughts On People In The World?: My thoughts are vague when it comes to people in the world. Many people are good selfless people and others are self […]

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 Federico Lavarejos: My inspiration in life is basically football and my will to achieve my goals in life.

Name: Federico Lavarejos Social Media Handle/Username: CFC_POL Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: My name is Federico Lavarejos and I’m a half Swedish half Tanzanian individual but I was born in London at Chelsea and West Minister Hospital. I’m a very big football enthusiast and it’s primarily what I do all day just analyze football and tactics or play the sport itself What Inspires You […]