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Mateo Salazar: Take care of our planet, it’s the only one we have, destroying it by oil drilling, global warming, destroying habitats that we need to share with other animals, saving the rainforests and oceans.

Name Mateo Salazar Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)? Was born in 1995 in Cali, Colombia into a middle-class family and moved to NY in January of 2000. Got accustomed quickly with the language but not the cold, still not a big fan of the winter. Finished all levels of education here in Long Island but never actually finished college, dont have any degree but im ok with that cause i learned by myself that you dont need a degree to be successful in life, comes with a little luck, how hard you push yourself, and meeting the right people. You work hard in life and its going to reward you in the long […]

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Jose Saucedo : “Why be ordinary when we can be extraordinary human beings?”

NameJose’ Saucedo Introduce Yourself To The World? Hello, my name is Jose saucedo I’m a Hispanic college student and part time worker. Who is very outgoing and likes to think of himself as an opportunist. My positive thoughts and attitudes have made me a more confident and optimistic person. I like to think I have a sixth sense of my things around me and I’m a very precasiuos person, with a hense or risk taking habits. I know for a fact my actions always seek out to help others even when I don’t have my much myself and try to lend people the knowledge they lack I’m wisdom. How Do You Feel about people in society today? Society can either […]