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 Leah Poulliot:  Be humble, be hardworking, be human. No one should aspire for perfection

Name: Leah Poulliot Social Media Handle/Username: Twitter: @leah_lame Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hey, Hi, Hello My name is Leah – a storyteller and screenwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up on the East Coast and became a West Coast transplant right after college. Since then, I’ve been working everyday, little by little, to work and grow in the entertainment industry. What […]

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Anna: I believe that there is so much potential in everyone around the world.

Introduce Yourself: Hi, I’m Anna. I’m 14 years old. Thoughts On People In The World?: I believe that there is so much potential in everyone around the world. No matter how you were raised, where you were raised, or who raised you there’s still so much for people to explore & experience. What are your inspirations & goals?: One of my biggest inspirations is my dad he has done so much for our family despite the fact that our mom is not in the picture. Some of my goals include getting into NYU for archaeology even though there is a 32% acceptance rate, I know that if I try hard enough I’ll be able to do it. Also, one of my goals is […]