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Micah Paich: There’s many great people in the world with good intentions but just as many horrible people as well.

Introduce yourself?: My name is Micah paich What inspires you everyday?: Every day I just try to be a better person artistically and spiritually than I was the day before. Many other things inspire me on a daily bases, weather it’s a movie I see or music I listen to. What is something you would change about people in the world?: Selfishness How […]

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 Lou: Every individual has good in them, as far as i believe, it is how we portray beauty in our paintings that means everything.

Introduce yourself?: I’m a 15 year old individual, who channels her energy and emotion into creative outbursts. Holding a pencil (to me) is like holding a whole new world within my palms. Creation is beauty. I surround myself with art because it is an escape from reality (which sounds cliché). But art is a way of forgetting our world and creating […]

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Alex Stevanovic:  You live for yourself, but living for yourself doesn’t exclude you needing others in the slightest.

Name: Alex Stevanovic Social Media Handle/Username: Twitter @Stevanov_RMCF Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Im a 19 year old student. I live i The Netherlands. In my freetime, I like to play, watch amd talk about football/soccer. I also like to play chess and to play video games with friends and having a good laugh with them.I’m also a christian person. I’ve believed in God […]

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Randy Gonzalez: trust your intuition. Your feelings are your best friends.

Name: Randy Gonzalez Social Media Handle/Username: @canievenart Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Introduce myself? Wow! I hope I give off the impression that I’m speaking candidly. My name is Randy Gonzalez! Although, you might have already read that. It is a pleasure to meet you and I thank you for reading my contribution. What Inspires You Every day? : I will paraphrase since it’s a […]