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Jessica Marciel: I hope when I’m gone the planet will survive and my daughter and other young People do not vanish.

Introduce yourself?: I am Jessica Marciel The singing daughter of a big band drummer and big band singer mom. A mother to an RN in Seattle, and a voice coach in Las Vegas Nev. What inspires you everyday?: That the majority of the country knows what is right. The oceans, the sea life , and the danger to our future planet What […]

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Desarea Marie Richardson: We have the heroes and then there are the villains it’s a fight against bad and good every day.

Introduce yourself?: My name is Desarea Marie Richardson everyone calls me Dez im 24 years old from San Jose California What inspires you everyday?: My daughter Samone Elizabeth Lozano she is 6 years old love of my life hearing her voice makes my heart just melt. She is my other half What is something you would change about people in the world?: Scams […]

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Natasha Mitchell: Everyone is addicted and is comparing themselves to people’s appearances and life’s, I would send a message to people on social media to just be open and honest about what they are saying and doing .

Name: Natasha Mitchell ( go by Tasha ) Social Media Handle/Username: xtashamx Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m 20 years old soon to turn 21 , I’m from Essex . I’m a mum , I became a mum at the young age of 17 to a beautiful little girl called Skylar . My pregnancy was the toughest time of my life . I was […]

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Gabriel Sonny Samuel Imus: My ultimate goal in life, I would say, is to be remembered, to change lives in a way.

Name: Gabriel Sonny Samuel Imus Social Media Handle/Username: gabrielssimus Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: My name is Gabriel Imus. Im the youngest of the three. My parents had my brother and got married straight out of high school. Son to Armando Samuel Imus and Senia Bernadette Imus. My older brother is Armando Imus Jr. My sisters name is Laila Bernadette Imus. My sisters daughter, […]

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Ly.Ebss: My daily affirmation “Keep the faith, Be you, Love Yourself and never forget Your potential is Endless.”

Name: Ly.Ebss Social Media Handle/Username: @LY.EBSS Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Heyy! I am an young Artist from Austin,Tx That goes by the name of “LY. (Love yourself ) Ebss. I’m a singer / Songwriter as well as influencer. Also an full time young mom of a 2 year old. Sounds pretty challenging huh ? Haha nah it’s a beautiful journey of learning to […]