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Hermann Fomo:  I wish to be a great man with great values, a great career and live a joyful life , take care of my mom and serve God my entire life.

Name: Hermann Fomo Social Media Handle/Username: mingos96 Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: My names Fomo Minguim Hermann , I’m 26yrs old, I’m black in complexion , tall and slim.I study masters in Accounting and Audit Control. I’m an extroverted introvert. I love watching Novelas and Animes as well. I’m a fun type of person and I do love clubbing when I’m free. What Inspires […]

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Bear: my ultimate goal is making music my full time career, so then I may have a family and give them the best life they can imagine.

Name: Bear Social Media Handle/Username: YRMBear Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: My name is YRM Bear and I am an artist from the DMV, more specifically the 757. I grew up in Norfolk most of my life, with a passion for music and always wanting to learn more about it. Music is like therapy to me, when i don’t know what to do, i […]