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Hello, Welcome to People Globally (formally TNWTL MOVEMENT) My name is Jeremy Manning, and I am the founder of TNWTL Media which owns People Globally & other businesses and here is my story.

I am from Dallas, Texas or the Big D as we call it and I grew up in a single mother household where my mom pretty much raised me my entire life, I had a very laid back childhood for the most part and I loved every bit of it because I used to get everything I wanted, yes ya boy was a spoiled brat, Disney trips, NYC, Sea World, Six Flags lol you get the point, but my family was a decently high middle class family, we stayed in really nice neighborhoods, These days you can catch me writing letters, brainstorming ideas, poetry, changing the world, going to the gym, eating food & investing in things. To date of writing this I have 46,586 stories of people in my email.

Childhood & Relationships

Needless to say my childhood great, I turn into my teen years and here is where all the trouble begins, I was someone who wanted to fit in and be liked growing up, so I would do things to be hanging with the cool kids and I did, but I was a reject, someone who was made fun of for my weight and of course being weird, so I was rejected quite a bit by the popular girls after the fact they saw me as weird, my first kiss was one of the most popular girls in my school, it wasn’t that bad right, WRONG, the popular kids peer pressured me to do something so bad that it almost got me locked up, but I won’t disclose as it is a very touchy subject and affected me in ways I would never imagine, let’s just say police got involved, and I was on the verge of wanting to kill myself 7 times, and it doesn’t end there, I got made fun of every single day due to the situation that it made my life so bad I hid myself for a while, pretty soon after that I started meeting women online and wanted to explore the dating world, relationships have taught me a lot and I have met plenty of women in my lifetime and to this day they lurk around hoping I will run back because they finally see that I was truly a good man, but I do not fall for it, I was what we called a very romantic man who always finished last, I always got cheated on, I have seen someone send me a video of them sleeping with my girlfriend at the time twice, been used for money plenty of times and many rage moments I have had that caused me to have severe mental breakdowns, there would be times I would grab a knife and cut myself on video in front of the girl I was with because she hurt me so bad, I used to poke myself in the stomach with knifes and hated so much of me because I felt no woman in this world valued me as the man I was, I wanted to fulfill my heart with love so much that when I found someone she would break my soul and cause me to spiral down into a deep dark depression, the worst of them all was writing someone a 14,000-word letter only for them to disappear funny thing is I now live in that state she is in, still never seen her but to move forward my last real relationship I truly had was 6 months long and the girl used me for money at the end of the day, I gave her thousands and if I did not give her money she would scream, call me on the phone and cuss me out and call me worthless, it was horrible and yes she was an American girl from Chicago and it was so bad, pretty much after these relationships I start interviewing people.

TNWTL MOVEMENT & People Globally

People Globally is now the main chain for interviewing the world when I first started I called the interview website TNWTL MOVEMENT which still exist but now as a search engine and not an interview site, all the old interviews are now being posted to People Globally, but the main reason I started this all is that I felt so much pain in my heart from my teenage years, the broken relationships, bullying, rejection constantly, misunderstood & loneliness drove me to want to share the worlds’ story as I feel we all have something inside of us that we can tell the world to help us alleviate the pain we have faced in our lives, We all struggle with mental health, relationships, hard times because we are all imperfect people but to come together and understand each other is my main goal I want to oversee billions of stories of People across the world Globally to be able to talk about anything that they want off their chest and mind because in today’s society people love to put the spotlight on people with millions of fans and my theory is they talk and praise them so much but they only at the end of the day influence the world to become materialistic and extremely narcissistic, so my platform is here to share the world of People with each other and truly get to see people in the world we never knew about it has always been my dream to change the world, and now I can watch the world share their stories and connect with each other more.


My goals are quite simple, share so many stories, build a foundation of my own dedicated to helping the world with many causes to choose from, and I will complete as many as I can, also People Globally will go as far as take you behind the scenes of People’s lives in the future and show you the daily lives of people around the world, so we can see even more of what is going on. I do run other companies as mentioned before, so I will be investing in many other website properties, I am someone who likes to live in reality and all this crypto, trading, bitcoin and all these other lifestyles just do not seem guaranteed or real to me, I like to live a very simple life but be an impactful and powerful person to the point when you see something you know that I created it for the world to be inspired and work on creating things to impact others as well. Nonetheless, other things I will be investing in is real estate & other ventures in the future, so I have many talents, but I keep quiet about the other things. I am a person who does not like doing things for the mere of impressing people on social media, which I will speak on this in this next section.

Thoughts about the world, relationships & more.

I truly hope one day that people will learn to value each other, I am so tired of this ignorant disgusting behavior people have in this world, it is like we allow our social media accounts to dictate and make us the person we are truly not because of some likes, follows, people in your dms, verified checks, money, jewelry, cars, all these things can go away, we tend to value people more who have these things than those who are actually using their platforms or creating things to make people better humans and grow, we have allowed relationships to become braggadocios, sexual to the point people are so damaged they won’t allow a true genuine human being to enter their life because they feel they are just the same, here is my advice if you are going to heal then heal, but do not keep repeating the same mistakes of being with the same type of person and expect different results you are not going to get, it is okay to be different, you dont have to show it all off to be liked, be you, be yourself, learn to realize that our looks, fame if we have it that all goes away the only thing people remember is the impact you had on them because that is what will matter the most, the way you treat others goes an extremely long way, even till today, I am very strong at this point of my life, I have been rejected soo soo so so many times here in my adult years but what I see is that I am a man who values me and definitely values others, the same people who tell you to work on yourself need to be the ones to take their own advice yeah I aint perfect, but I am far from damaged like I used to be I have healed and worked on myself otherwise you would not be seeing this story, In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with changing your ways to improve your life to be someone better, there is nothing wrong with not being a person who follows trends and tries to be the prettiest girl or nicest guy with a nice body, travels the world because they may show you one thing on the internet but their attitude and behavior is a POS and as long as you have a nasty attitude you are nothing but a face in my opinion, stop taking advice from people who have self-centered attitudes and only care about themselves you will not go far at all or improve listening to BS they feed you instead fill your mind with realness and reality from people who actually live simply peacefully and do not show the whole everything and are truly doing something impactful, you will live a better life.

In conclusion, this has been a very long but deep story it covers the basis of who I am, I am someone who is destined to be a good man in this world who changed many lives in the best way I can, I love seeing people smile, I observe the world, I see the violence, the mistreatment of women, the sexualized world where real love is non-existent because we allow ourselves to only think about things that hurt us not help us my goal is to break the cycle of this generation and truly be the change in our world.

Thanks for listening hope you enjoyed

Sincerely Jeremy Manning

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