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Ariana’s Story will inspire you as she shares her story from her wonderful heart & soul.

Introduction  Hi my names Ariana! I’m from Ireland, my mum is Irish and my dad is Albanian. I’m actually still in school at the moment, and I’m planning on doing psychology after school hopefully! Fingers crossed. I’d love to travel as well that’s like no.1 priority on my bucket list  I actually do Irish dancing as well I’ve been doing that […]

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Issy Burke’s Story

Introduction  My name is Issy Burke, I am a 19 year old University student, studying Professional Policing in the town of Cheltenham, UK. I was born in Scotland but have lived in England since I was 8.  What is something you are passionate about? Horse riding and fitness, Started doing bodybuilding when I met my boyfriend in January What are […]

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Skyler Cirillo Is A Hardworking woman Set To Achieve Her Goals & Inspire Others, Here’s Her Story.

Introduction  I’m a junior athletic training student at Hofstra university on Long Island, I live in lindenhurst Suffolk County with my mom and dad, I’m 20 years old but act 40 sometimes lol, and I work A LOTTTT at a pizzeria and my other job in a physical therapy office Oh, wow you’re a hardworking woman, what is your everyday […]

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Rian Is A Beauty From Minnesota Living Out Her Dreams, Here’s Her Story.

Introduction  My name is Rian (pronounced Ryan) and I’m 23 years old from Minnesota. I am a recent college grad. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Sport Management, and I’m currently a Visual Product Coordinator at Shop HQ, which is a home shopping television network. What inspired you to get into Sports Management?  I’ve always […]

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Read The Story Of Kit Brown Who Is Inspiring The Lives Of Others As A School Teacher and Role Model While Reaching His Other Goals.

Introduction  So my name is Kit Brown, I’m a year 4 primary school teacher from Hertfordshire, England. What’s it like being a teacher? Rewarding. I don’t do it for the money, I do it to change lives. Some children, like myself when I grew up, had no positive male role model to look up to. I’m grateful that I’m now […]

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One of Kind Story From Gianna Melchiorre

Introduction Sounds good. My name is Gianna Melchiorre, I was born in New York but I currently live in Florida. I am a senior in high school that is dual enrolled in college. I will be graduating from high school with my A.A. Degree and diploma in 2021. What are some things you passionate about? I love playing softball, I […]