Meet Rosey Sera. Life’s challenges hold immense potential for growth and fulfillment. Taking action and stepping out of comfort zones can create a life beyond our wildest dreams.

1. Can you share a bit about yourself and your background?

Hola! I’m Rosey Sera—a content creator, influencer, and public relations professional. But beyond those roles, I cherish the titles that mean the most to me: wife, golden retriever mom, daughter, sister, and bestie!

My journey has been a rollercoaster, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share a glimpse of my story with you. At the age of 7, my family and I left Venezuela and embarked on a new life in America. It was a challenging transition, as I had to adapt to a new culture and learn a different language.

During those critical years, I faced the daunting task of finding my place in this unfamiliar world and merging my Venezuelan roots with my new American identity. Overcoming shyness and fear of making mistakes due to language barriers held me back, but embracing discomfort became transformative.

I learned to push beyond my comfort zone, seeking connections and proving to myself that I could succeed. This willingness to take action, regardless of circumstances, became my greatest teacher. It rewarded me with a fulfilling life, academic achievements, career goals, and connections with extraordinary people.

I share this because I believe in facing fears and embracing the unknown. Life’s challenges hold immense potential for growth and fulfillment. Taking action and stepping out of comfort zones can create a life beyond our wildest dreams.

2. What passions are you currently pursuing in life?

Practicing gratitude fuels me every day. Appreciation, even during tough times, anchors me, reminding me of abundant love and support. It helps navigate challenges with grace and resilience.

I’m also passionate about learning new skills. The world is a playground of knowledge waiting to be explored. Whether through books, mindsets, or storytelling techniques, growth and self-improvement bring me joy and inspiration.

Content creation is my profound passion. It’s not just a job; it’s self-expression, connection, and storytelling. Every piece of content I create is an opportunity to share my soul, make a positive impact, and remind others they’re not alone in their journeys.

3. Do you have any words of positivity that guide your everyday life?

Every day, I embrace the power of gratitude and growth. “Appreciation” and “expansion” resonate within me and guide my actions. Appreciation brings happiness in the present, cherishing blessings. Expansion fuels curiosity, seeking knowledge, and embracing new experiences.

4. What are some ways you’d like to make an impact in the world?

I have a burning desire to make a real difference. Storytelling and connection are powerful tools. Through my content creation adventures, I aim to touch hearts, inspire change, and foster empathy.

Empowering others is another avenue I’m passionate about. I want to uplift people, providing the boost they need to rise and thrive. Currently, I share tools, words of affirmation, and resources that have helped me. I’m also working on an exciting project that I can’t wait to share with everyone soon!

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