Meet Megan. I always wanted and step in front of the camera. It’s Meg’z Show has really given me the space to grow as a producer, writer, and media journalist.

1. Tell about yourself/ your background?

I’ve always had a love for radio so I went to radio broadcasting school to learn the trade. Growing up I always had dreams of being an MTV vj, so being in entertainment news was always the vision and career path I wanted to get into.

2. I know you have your own talk show, What made you start your show and what all do you speak about for the audience out there to know?

I started my own talk show because after producing my own own radio show and cohosting a morning radio show, I was ready to go for what I always wanted and step in front of the camera. It’s Meg’z Show has really given me the space to grow as a producer, writer, and media journalist.

I’ve always been informed and interested in entertainment news and keeping up with politics, and I wanted to create a show that talks about the latest news in both, but still creating a space where I can be my authentic self. I want my audience to know it’s responsible reporting on hot topics, messy politics, and the trending stories in between with a dose of comedic realness. 

3. What are some goals you’ve been able to achieve so far and what are some other goals you have you’d like to complete?

To be honest I don’t feel I’ve accomplished the goals I’ve set for myself! But I also set extremely high goals for me and my projects. I can say I’m proud to have stuck to my vision. The hardest part for me was to even get started and step out on my own and start a radio show. I think because I’ve been in a space of doing and allowing myself to enjoy the journey of growing as a media personality and producer, I’ve taken some of the goals out of this process and have just kept the end destination in mind. Some of those goals include gaining representation and network contracts and also getting It’s Meg’z Show with the right consistency, team and distribution partnership. I believe sometimes being too specific with goals can sometimes take away from life surprising you with an amazing outcome you never imagined, so I try to be lenient with some of the details, establish an end goal and do the work needed to get there.

I do feel I’m on the path to a lot of those goals manifesting in the near future! So if you ask me this two years from now I think I’ll have a completely different answer!

4. What are some words of positivity you live by everyday?

I have a few! One reminder is “with God, all things are possible, therefore as long as I’m connected to him all things are possible for me.” Another is “It always gets better.” I’m very big on affirmations and words from scripture to put me in a positive mood when I need a pick me upper or need to set my mood for the day. 

5. What are some other ventures you’re building right now?

A lot of my focus is on my talk show right now so I try not to split too much of my attention. This week I will be releasing my book of poetry titled “A Depression Doc, The Journey Out” in honor of mental health awareness month, and will be partnering with a nonprofit to raise money to sponsor mental disorder diagnosis. I wrote the body of work from 2017-2019, and I’m finally putting it out! I’m also venturing in e-commerce which is a side endeavor I dabble in. 

6. What are some big impacts you’d like to make in society?

Overall I’d like to know I contributed to spreading love and positivity. Working in media, it’s easy to get known for being in a negative messy light, I never want that for my reputation. It’s important for me to be known as an authentically good person. I think I could easily list philanthropic goals, and of course if I had the means to give in large amounts I’d love to contribute to developing entrepreneur development and investing in low income minority communities. But despite the monetary amounts and causes you can donate to, people will always remember how you made them feel, and I want them to always walk away feeling love.

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