Meet Laurie. It’s important to have faith in the journey while also taking proactive steps to ensure success.

1. Tell us about yourself and your background.

My name is Laurie, and I am a 22-year-old Afro-Latina. I am proud of my Puerto Rican and African heritage. In life, my passion lies in nurturing my spirit so that I may find peace and comfort with God after this journey. My background has been challenging, as I come from a troubled family. I lost my biological mother when I was 16 due to her struggles with addiction. I was previously adopted, but unfortunately, the home I was placed in was abusive. Taking responsibility for my well-being, I made the decision to leave and moved to California. Since then, I have been working hard and making a life for myself.

2. What are your current passions and aspirations?

At the moment, my passions revolve around completing my comic books that highlight the experiences of black individuals and creating healing poetry that uplifts our spirits. Additionally, I aspire to become a loving wife and a nurturing mother, guided by the teachings of God.

3. What are some positive principles you live by every day?

One principle I live by is recognizing the distinction between trusting the process and actively participating in the process. It’s important to have faith in the journey while also taking proactive steps to ensure success. By combining trust and action, you can surpass your own expectations and rise above the limitations you may have set for yourself.

4. What are some goals you hope to achieve in the next 1-2 years?

Over the next 1-2 years, my primary goals include getting married, starting a family, and embracing the role of a nurturing woman. I want to prioritize being present at home and taking charge of my children’s education, empowering them to be strong, independent individuals who are not bound by societal pressures. Furthermore, I aim to prioritize my own well-being by adopting a more natural lifestyle, focusing on healthier eating habits, and avoiding harmful chemicals.

5. What are your thoughts on society today?

My perspective on society today is rooted in my faith. I believe that God is displeased with the sexualization of children, the influence of LGBTQ agendas, and the glorification of violence in music and entertainment. The “woke” movement, while claiming to promote awareness, often lacks true wisdom. I believe that it is crucial for us all to stay alert and remain mindful of the world we live in. The entertainment industry, including social media, often encourages our children to idolize individuals who may have achieved success through negative means. It is essential to recognize the prevalence of evil in our world today.

6. What other aspects of your life would you like to share with the world?

One aspect that I am passionate about is the protection of our children. I strongly believe that mothers should prioritize staying at home to raise their own kids. It is vital for fathers to be present and committed as well. Choosing a life partner should be based on finding a soulmate with a pure and healthy spirit, rather than solely focusing on material possessions or financial status. Our children thrive in two-parent homes, and now is the time for us to unite instead of separating. It all begins with ensuring that children have both parents actively involved in their lives, residing in the same household.

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