Scarlxrd (Musician/Rapper) Career, Music Stats & Social Fan Base (biography).

Scarlxrd or Marius Listhrop is an Musician artist from Wolverhampton, England, he built his career on his popular song Heart Attack that gained huge attention and currently has over 101 million views, scarlxrd is a rapper who created his own unique style of music by doing scream rap but he can also create classic rap, regular rap and more he’s closely associated with Corpse Husband, Tay Keith, Muppy & more. Scarlxrd has over 1.8 million Instagram followers, 334,100 SoundCloud followers & 2.7 million YouTube subscribers with over 523,000,000 views plus he owns his own brand DXXM Life, we estimate scarlxrd to be worth $4 million dollars.

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