Catbird’s Alphabet charm puts the “personal” in gift shopping.

Catbird’s Alphabet charm puts the “personal” in gift shopping.

Looking for good jewelry pieces to shop for this Mother’s day or in general? 

Let’s read your exact thoughts:

How much is this going to be? 

Well that’s a great start. Jewelry costs an arm and a leg. We know somewhere that has your budget studied down to the T.

Ok now you know your budget. “But where do I shop?” AHHHH

There are so many options. Let me put a name into your head: Catbird.

“That’s the weirdest name I’ve ever heard.”

Your exact reaction huh?

Now you have to decide what the person receiving the jewelry likes. It’s a good thing Catbird doesn’t have a limited style of jewelry. 

More on that later though.

“Earrings, necklaces, or rings? SO much to choooseeeeee.”

Don’t worry ladies. People Globally is going to narrow your options down in one second.

“How can this gift be personal? I love this person a lot.”

Let us tell you a story:

Imagine this..

Samantha wants to get Sarah a gift.

Samantha wants to get Sarah a personalized necklace with alphabet charms that spell out her name. 

So she set out to find the perfect assortment of charms.

She searched high and low, going to every store in the mall and could not find “jack diamond” or in other words, she could not find anything that fit Sarah’s personality. 

Nothing felt right. Sarah wanted the necklace to feel personal, but everything she found felt like a “one for all product”.

She had scoured every store in the mall searching high and low for something that would truly reflect Jacky’s personality, but nothing seemed quite right.

As she wandered from store to store, Sarah found herself getting frustrated. 

Every piece of jewelry she found was boring. Nothing felt personal.

Samantha knew that Sarah was a one-of-a-kind person, and she wanted her gift to reflect that.

As she walked past yet another jewelry store, Samantha couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment. 

She was running out of options, and Sarah needs her gift this week .

Determined to make the perfect necklace, Sarah took matters into her own hands. 

She bought individual alphabet charms online and put them together herself.

Samantha wants to create a unique one-of-a-kind necklace for Sarah.

But making the necklace link was the best part so she left that up to Sarah.

Samantha got Sarah every alphabet charm to create her name. 

All she had to do was hire someone to put them together. Wow.

What a bestie she is.

What awaits Sarah?

A beautiful, delicate piece of jewelry that represents Sarah’s personality. 

Samantha couldn’t wait to give it to her and see the look on her face.

You can do the same for your friends:

Click here to buy an Alphabet Charm from CatBird (With 15% Off On An Add On Chain)

They are:

  • 100% recycled solid 14k yellow gold
  • all lowercase letters
  • size varies by letter, approx 2 x 8mm – 4 x 8mm
  • made with care

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