Meet Kein. I’d love to one day be recognized as one of the best artists in my field, by merit, and that I’d have my own entertainment company

1. Introduce yourself/ tell about your background?

So my actual name is Wandile Nkambule, also known as Kein, I’m an Artist and entrepreneur, born in Eswatini, a country neighbouring South Africa, in 1997, so I’m currently 25 years old, and well I also have a twin brother buh he isn’t really interested in the music industry much.

2. What inspired you to get involved in creating music?

I’d say it’s the fact that I come from a long line of entertainers in my family from the generations before me, my uncle is an actor and script writer, my mom’s younger sister is an artist and so was her brother who has since passed on, but seeing them in the entertainment space inspired me a lot, then later on in my life I got influence from Rappers like Eminem, Weezy and Drake for example, I loved what they were doing and the calibre of artists they were so their work Inspired me to do my own thing In a sense

3. What are some goals you have for yourself to achieve?

a couple goals I set for myself when I started was that I’d build a really solid brand worldwide as an artist, I’d love to one day be recognized as one of the best artists in my field, by merit, and that I’d have my own entertainment company which i managed to start in 2021 with my 2 partners, a company that does our events and manages artists and Djs around Southern Africa, so we’re well on our way to making that as sustainable as it can be

4. What are some words of wisdom you live by everyday?

I’d say it’s the fact that every single person who has achieved greatness and notoriety in this world started off as a nobody, they started at the bottom of the packing order, and worked hard, prayed, kept their heads down until they made a name for themselves and continue to do that even today.

5. What are your thoughts on the world today?

I think the world today has made a lot of great advancements in terms of human evolution, there are still a lot of great ills that pollute our society, but for every good there’s an equally equivalent evil, so we need not be worried about the state in which our world is in today, but instead be optimistic and enthusiastic about tomorrow, which is where all the greatness that we will see tomorrow actually stems from.

6. What are some ways you’d like to make an impact in the world?

I’d love to inspire all the African people into believing in themselves, believing we are only as great as we consider ourselves to be, for our people to have the right mentality to grow and become the best versions of ourselves, I’d like to be one of the examples of the capacity we have in achieving that. that has always been my dream and outlook on the trajectory of how I’d like to make an impact in our world, and where ever I can physically help all people from different walks of life, I definitely will, all in the name of seeing our world grow into the best place for everyone.

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