What is it like being a 25 year old man in society by Jeremy Manning (April 2023)

I’m 25 years old and as a black man in America it’s been pretty hard, I’ve had my challenges as far as relationships, money as I’m definitely working on my stability but I’m working on it now, as I sit here in my car doing UberEats & GrubHub, I’m working to pay my gas bill as of now, been struggling for 5 years but as I would say it’s not my time but it’s coming I’ve just now hit a milestone of making $20,000 a year and it feels good to now hit that goal, I know there are many women that make more than me and I’m working on pushing more, this year my main goal is to complete whatever I can with this site until I see my full capacity of stories, content and more, this is hard to build but I’ve now understand what it takes to exceed the next level, it is time that I bring you content that I’ve always wanted to do and just bring inspiration to help you men my age understand that it’s okay.

We are all still young, we may see people on the internet making loads of money and very rich and think to ourselves let’s rush this life but at the end of the day we have to realize that we have so much life to live, let’s keep building ourselves let’s make more money but keep humble though and let’s build the life we want, we have to love ourselves more and keep our minds off women so much, yes it’s good to talk & date but let’s build ourselves up more to be better in love, life and peace & stability, you are who you are around and so you should be around men who are leveling up to who make that kind of money and build along with them. I will give you an update in May on how life is. I currently have 2,000 articles on here 120K+ views on here and my goal is to get 1 billion & more.

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